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Yamaha introduces the retro streetcar XSR125
Release date:2021.05.13

Yamaha has officially launched XSR125 in Europe recently. This retro car with the smallest capacity uses the same frame and engine as MT-125 and YZF-R125, and many features of XSR family can be seen in the appearance design. I believe that XSR125 will definitely become a brand new retro streetcar with distinctive features and hot demand in the European market

XSR cars under the influence of tide restoring ancient ways in recent years, first released in Thailand XSR155 models, plus the 2020 epidemic spread in the world, in many European countries way of commuting, from public transportation to other private transport, this shift also benefit entry-level models with the market, hence the XSR125 debut

Appearance, although XSR125 has quite a lot of XSR big brothers design, but the overall look down there is a little bit of incoordination, especially between the front and the fuel tank seam is a little big, from the side looks to give people a Southeast Asian brand cheap sense; In addition, the side shell close to the rear of the car also has the XSR's signature perforated modeling design, but the size and position are hard to add up the sense of disharmony


The XSR125 uses the same body architecture as the MT-125 and YZF-R125, and is powered by the same 124cc VVA water-cooled single-cylinder engine, with maximum horsepower of 14.75 HP / 10,000rpm and maximum torque of 11.5nm / 8,000rpm

Front suspension with 37mm inverted fork, with a single middle gun rear shock absorber; Both front and rear are equipped with disc brake, but it is a pity that there is no ABS system; The design of the frame is diamond-shaped DeltaBox frame. The wheelbase is 5mm shorter than MT, and the ride height is 810mm, the weight is 140kg. The XSR125 is quite effective in terms of equipment

As an entry-level retro streetcar, the XSR125 is something to look forward to in terms of gear and power, but the look of the car is a matter of opinion. Yamaha has yet to announce the price of the XSR125