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Take stock of the latest new cars on the market. Which ones are your favorites
Release date:2021.05.13

(1). On April 17, GK500 crossover version was launched

The GK500 Crossing Edition is an improved version based on the GK500, with more than 20 improvements in total. The price is 35,900 yuan. The specific improvement of GK500 time travel version is divided into two parts: appearance and configuration: Modelling of 1, the key to design, to contact 2, brake oil cup into a fully enclosed oil cup, instrument for new 4, widen the hand, raised 5, rearview mirror to redesign 6, left hand switch model redesign and add button backlit 7, the fuel tank and the side cover decal to metal nameplate 8, 9 standard bumper, increase engine protection plate instead of 10, cushion cushions, Foam thickness increased 11, far and near light can be opened at the same time 12, the tire is changed to turtle tire. The picture

Configuration: 1, 2, front and rear suspension set-up to comfortable brake disc material durability of 3, radiator fan guide to improve 4, chain box to Bosch engine redesign 5, efi system is the actual displacement of high gold their r&d 486 cc water-cooled 8 valve two cylinder engine, efi system by Delphi in for Bosch, maximum power 35 kw / 8500 RPM, Maximum torque is 43n.m /6750rpm. In the domestic 500cc displacement of the retro car, whether it is the level of appearance, workmanship, control, quality. All belong to the first-class level, with good quality control and the manufacturer's proactive attitude. Let GK500 sales and reputation double harvest.

(2). Yamaha releases the X MAX300 on April 18

On April 18th, Yamaha's first flagship store was unveiled in Beijing, and the X Max 300 was released immediately on the same day. The X Max 300 will be introduced to China in a way of big trade. The official price is 49800 yuan, which is more sincere to Chinese consumers.

The XMAX300 has the sharp appearance of the Yamaha Max family, and the inside of the body is similar to the automotive interior texture process, the whole car using LED light source. The windshield is manually adjustable, and even the handlebars are front and rear adjustable, with a multi-function LCD meter, keyless start, and 12V cigarette lighter plug.

The power system of XMAX300 uses a 292cc single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine with Yamaha Blue Core Blue Core technology, maximum power 20.6kW (28Ps)@7250rpm, maximum torque 29Nm@5750rpm, compression ratio 10.9:1. It is also equipped with TCS traction control system.


(3) On April 20th, Harley released the first ADV model PanAmerican 1250Special

Pre-sale prices start at 241,800. As Harley's innovative masterpiece and the first ADV, the Pan American 1250 Special retains Harley's traditional tough guy look. Instead of adopting a more stylish rounded shape, the Pan American 1250 Special is designed squarely, from the headlights to the fuel tank to the entire body. The edges and corners are very obvious, thick American motorcycle wind.

The engine, powered by a Harley Revolution Max 1250 water-cooled platform, is still a V2 engine, but a qualitative change in performance from the previous cruise V2. The engine is equipped with a variable valve timing system to provide better power output at high speed. At the same time, the single-cylinder dual spark plug design is adopted to make the combustion efficiency higher. The compression ratio of the whole engine is up to 13.0:1, the maximum horsepower is 150ps, and the maximum torque is 126N·m.

The brake adopts Brembo brake caliper, and the front shock absorber is equipped with electronic shock absorber. In addition, this car also has a lot of electronic configuration, including a large size LCD meter, which can be seen from the buttons on both hands. Basic features such as mode selection and cruise at constant speed should not be absent

The vehicle also provides sports, road, rainy days, cross-country, cross-country enhanced five cycling modes, cruise speed and other rich electronic configuration. There are also more travel-oriented designs such as heated handlebars, a 6.8 inch LCD meter with Bluetooth, a USB charging port, and a 21.2L tank. The front and rear wheels are tubeless hub designs with front 19 and rear 17 inch spokes, and are equipped with Michelin and Harley-developed off-road tyres. Not only does it look stylish, but it's also sexually enhanced. This sincere Harley ADV, like the pull of the car friends to provide more options.

(4). On April 26, Zongshen held a new product release conference of chao series

On April 26th, zongshen group will hold a new product launch conference in zongshen industrial park, chongqing. In this launch conference, besides the long-awaited road station wagon sakron RX6, a total of 8 models including zongshen brand and sakron brand will be released.

Road Wagon Racing Kron RX6

The Cyron RX6 is designed by China, Britain and Italy in order to meet the growing demand of domestic motorcyclists for high-displacement road station wagons. it is also the first motorcycle made in China according to European standards.

The biggest highlight of the vehicle is equipped with a Sekron Norton ND650 engine, the actual displacement of the engine is 650CC, the engine adopts a dual-cylinder water-cooled 8-valve design, the maximum power is 52kW /8500rpm, and the maximum torque is 62N·M/7000rpm. The top speed can reach 180km/h.

The clone RG3

Secron RG3 is divided into two versions of Elite and Zhiheng, equipped with Zongshen TC400 water-cooled 8-valve twin cylinder engine, the maximum power 31.5kW@9500rpm, the largest. Equipped with manual windshield, sliding clutch, USB charging port, etc. The biggest differences between the two versions are the dashcam, meter functions, and tire pressure monitoring

Zongshen 250 r

250 displacement has been the major manufacturers are competing in the market, Zongsheng 250R is a sporty design of the street car, the whole car line is strong, carrying a joint development with Piaggio PR250 air oil cooling single cylinder engine with a displacement of 249.9cc, the maximum power 14kw@8000rpm, the maximum torque. Fit weight 150kg, seat height 775mm, tank volume 13L, whole car LED light source, LCD instrument, front inverted shock absorber, rear middle shock absorber, double-channel ABS, positive new tires.

Yami, the literary spirit

From the interaction of car friends, what we are more interested in is the "CUB Cub" curved beam in Zongsheng's Chaopin series. In this official announcement, it also got the official name -YAMI? The classic European wings handlebars, beautiful S-shaped body curves, retro multi-spokes steel wire wheels and closed chain box, coupled with fashionable LED lamp source, the most important point, the price of only 6,880 yuan, has touched the hearts of young people.

(5). On April 29, Benelli released the new Hurricane Tornado 302R and the new Huanglong 600

The new hurricane 302R is the appearance of a new design, as early as before the official release, the voice of the friends on the Internet has been very high, it can be said that it is with thousands of expectations to come, the new 302R listing, let the domestic imitation market, more colorful. Its sharp front design and unique front headlights show its strong Italian heritage. Just one look at the headlights can be addictive. Compared with the old round design style, its overall appearance is more aggressive, not like the fat head fish that Moyou ridiculed as top-heavy, the most worthy of mention is, not only in the appearance of the new hurricane weight reduction 22KG, the weight of the whole car reduced to 182KG, truly achieve for the movement and born.

Power is still equipped with a twin-cylinder 300cc water-cooled engine, with a maximum power of 26kW (35hp) /1100rpm, peak torque of 27Nm/9000rpm, and a maximum speed of 150km/h. The price is 29,800. Benali has always been known as the car company that understands the Chinese people the most. With its sharp appearance, charming and strong voice, it enjoys great after-sales service and public praise. Hurricane 302R will no doubt have more riders to pay for it.

Huanglong 600

Up to now, Huanglong 600 as the only domestic four-cylinder streetcar, car friends for its obsession degree need not small make up, is the so-called all inferior products, only four cylinder high. After nine years on the market and 289 times of improvement and optimization, more than 50,000 users have chosen the Huanglong 600, according to official data. This shows how popular it is. There is little change in appearance this time. In terms of configuration, it is equipped with a 600cc four-cylinder water-cooled 16-valve engine, with Delphi electric injection, sliding clutch, new TFT multi-functional HD LCD meter, LED headlights, dual-channel ABS and so on. The 21 models reduce the sitting height by 10mm, optimize the sitting posture and riding triangle to achieve a lower center of gravity, and provide better handling experience for the driver.