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KTM Twin-Cylinder 490 for year-end debut?
Release date:2021.05.20

KTM fans have been looking forward to the announcement of the 490's new twin-cylinder power platform in 2022. Recently, foreign media reported that Bajaj, which has a long-standing partnership with KTM, will build a new production line in Pune, India, exclusively for the KTM 490 series. This means the 490 series could be available as soon as the end of 2021 and the official launch in 2022

According to KTM's internal plans, there will be at least five models of the 490 platform, including the streetcar Duke, the ADV, the SUPERMOTO, the Lindor Dual Sport, and the race-copy RC. Such a large lineup can perfectly meet the needs of different markets

On the power side, there have been previous rumors that the 490's parallel twin-cylinder engine is likely to have up to 60HP. Based on previous KTM announcements and current rumors, the KTM 490 two-cylinder platform is likely to make its debut sometime in late 2021, most likely around this year's Milan Auto Show


Meanwhile, Husqvarna, a member of the KTM Group, is also reported to be developing Vitpilen (White Arrow) and SVartpilen (Black Arrow) 501s

This is not a surprise. Husqvarna's Vitpilen and Svartpilen are all built on the same hull as the KTM DUKE. With the launch of the KTM 490 two-cylinder platform, Husqvarna will not miss the event. The Vitpilen and SVartpilen 501 were launched using the new twin-cylinder engines

The design of the Vitpilen and the Svartpilen 501 won't be much different from that of the 401, but the power and sound of the twin-cylinder engine should make you look forward to it

In addition to the Vitpilen and Svartpilen 501, which are expected to be introduced along with the KTM 490, the Norden 250/401/501/901/1301 multi-purpose adventure car will also be seen on the KTM Group's report at the end of 2019. Huswana will also be officially announced at the end of this month to be introduced into China, the future of these models will be released, it seems to have a look forward to!