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Does the motorcycle fuel supply system need to be deflated?
Release date:2021.06.03

At the present stage, the fuel supply system of the motorcycle is mainly divided into carburetor oil supply and electric injection oil supply. Theoretically, these two kinds of fuel supply systems do not need to be deflated in the normal use process. Even after all the fuel is burned clean, it does not need to be deflated again and can be started normally.

Motorcycle carburetor it is a very simple passive fuel supply system, its fuel supply is controlled by the oil float inside the carburetor, under normal circumstances as long as there is fuel in the tank can automatically enter the carburetor, so this system is not required to deflate in the use process.

Motorcycle electric fuel injection system it is a forced active fuel supply system, it does not need to deflate in the process of use, because there will be a human fuel pump in the tank of the system, the fuel pump will force the fuel pump into the fuel injection nozzle, in order to achieve the purpose of accurate fuel supply.


Through the above introduction can see whether the motorcycle carburetor or electric injection fuel supply system, under normal circumstances are not required to carry out the operation of the vent, but this is also a prerequisite, must ensure that the tank cover above the vent unimpeded, otherwise there will be fuel can not enter the fuel supply system phenomenon.

In actual use, some car friends are easy to tie a layer of plastic cloth on the tank cover, in order to prevent the phenomenon of fuel spill, but it is easy to make the tank in a vacuum state, at this time the vehicle will appear flaming phenomenon, so we must ensure that the vent above the tank cover is smooth.

And sometimes carburetor vehicles on the premise of all clean burning fuel, rejoin the fuel carburetor will appear after the leak phenomenon, this phenomenon is actually and air into the carburetor oil pipeline is directly related to, and this is also do not need to vent, just close the fuel tank switch to restart the vehicle after, let it idle for a period of time, Then open the switch of the oil tank and the fault can be automatically eliminated.

In short words, fuel supply system of motorcycle even into the air, it is also able to repair itself does not need to be deflated operations, and as long as the guarantee in the whole process of using the vent on the clear oil, also need not to vent, does not let the engine running for a while, or start with a few more.