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There are many kinds of motorcycle frames, which one is suitable for yourself?
Release date:2021.05.27

If the engine is the heart of a motorcycle, and the frame is the skeleton of a motorcycle, which not only bears the rider's speed and passion, but also provides a fixed position for the engine and the rear shock absorber, which frame is best for us? Let's find out.

1. Single steel tube triangular cradle frame with hard tail

Like the name of the cradle, let the engine "lie" in the arms of the frame. If a steel beam is used to connect the engine supporting parts, it is a single cradle; If the engine bracket is reinforced with two steel beams, it is a double cradle. There is a special is a half double cradle car, it is between the double cradle frame and single cradle frame, the top is a single beam below the single pipe column and the bottom is a double beam. Single cradle is a relatively old frame class line, so far there are few new models use this frame, but in Europe and the old style of motorcycle has been sticking to this frame, advantages can only say very simple, so deficiency is lack of frame rigidity and poor comfort (because there is no suspension rear wheel rocker arm) so the frame is only suitable for low speed drive

2. Double cradle steel tube frame

This frame is better understood, the double steel pipe from front to the rear of the extension, in the four corners around the engine, this kind of frame to make up for the deficiency of the single pipe cradle frame, enhance the overall strength and does not increase how much the production cost, but heavier weight, the engine installation and verbose chassis and engine link point is more prone to so-called resonance region

3. Steel tube frame with half double cradle

This frame combines the advantages of a single cradle frame and a double cradle frame, using a single tube where it does not require much rigidity, and a double tube where it requires high rigidity. The advantage is that the frame strength is improved and the structure is more compact when the weight is lighter than that of a double cradle frame

4. Diamond frame

As people continue to pursue the performance of the motorcycle, especially when the greater the torque of the motorcycle, the stronger the power, in the track because of the need for continuous bend demand, the cradle frame side support strength is not enough. Considering the demand, enhanced side strength was developed. Because the overall shape after the study is like the cut diamond, so this frame is called diamond frame, diamond frame in the lateral support force to make up for the lack of cradle frame, diamond frame is more common in sports models.

5. Single hull frame


Use less frame type, only suitable for large displacement, rather than frame one engine accessories, except frame give attention to two or morethings he still empty filter shell and the battery box, the frame by increasing the rigid structure of the method and combining with the rigidity of the engine itself makes the engine and frame be in harmony are an organic whole, it is a completely suitable for the large displacement car cruising or sports car design

6. Double wing beam frame

The appearance of the twin-beam frame makes the handling performance of more motorcycles better. Due to the use of lighter materials, the inertial force to the car body is reduced, in rapid or high speed steering, and to provide a better response to the sharp change in speed.

Summary: Frame as an important part of the motorcycle, the above introduction is the current common vehicle frame form, manufacturers will according to the performance of different models and audience needs, will choose different forms of frame type. In addition to affecting the performance and shape of vehicles, they also determine the cost and sale price of vehicles.