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How about a Suzuki V-Strom 650?
Release date:2021.05.27

Model overview

The 2021 Suzuki DL 650/XT/ADV is already available in China, with no updates except the engine, and the price is 1W4 higher. The times are changing, the market is changing, and the technology is constantly innovating. By horizontal comparison, there is an obvious gap between DL650 and other models of the same level. It is too old!

Front suspension is 43mm vertical front fork, rear connecting rod type single gun shock absorber, manual adjustment spring preload rebound.

Front brake 310mm dual disc with Tokico dual piston calipers, rear 260mm disc with Nissin single piston calipers, front and rear ABS. Front 19 and rear 17-inch wheels with Bridgestone BattLAX 110/80-19 tires; 150/70-17


The 2021 V-Strom 650/109,800 RMB

2021 V-Strom 650 XT: 114,800 RMB


Model parameters

Engine type: V - twin - cylinder water - cooled DOHC

Actual displacement: 645cc

Maximum power: 51kW (68hp) /8800rpm

Maximum torque: 62Nm/6500rpm

High: 835 mm

Tank capacity: 20L

Ready mass: 650 XT: 216kg; 650-213 kg

My feedback


1. Control well

2, fuel-efficient

3, both high power output and low torsion


1. Halogen headlamps

2. No electric control

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