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208 horsepower, electronic Ohlins shock absorber...
Release date:2021.05.27

The launch of the MV Agusta Rush 1000 in 2020 pushed the bar to a whole new level, and even the limited edition of 300 units sold out in a short time. Now, the 2021 Rush 1000 is back, and it comes with an even Wilder look

The 2021 Rush 1000 is basically a derivative of the Brutale 1000RR, with a color palette of military green and matte black, plus a dash of yellow to add a competitive atmosphere. With round LED lights in front and rear, four neat exhaust lines, and a pair of huge stationary wings, the Rush 1000 feels too muscular

The engines have been slightly modified to meet Euro 5 emissions standards. The 998 cc four-cylinder engine has a compression ratio of 13.4:1, delivers maximum horsepower of 208hp/ 13,000 RPM, torque of 116.7Nm/ 11,000 RPM and a top speed of more than 300km/h. In order to control such a large power output, the electronic control system has also been updated, four riding modes, a new IMU to track, start ejection, bend ABS performance more exquisite, quick array sensor has also been replaced with a new product, to make the shift more smooth


Also has front and rear electronic Ohlins shock absorbers; The front brake uses a pair of 320mm aluminum discs with Brembo's top-of-the-line Stylema four-piston calipers, and the rear 220mm single disc with Brembo's two-piston calipers. The tire sizes are 120/70-17 for the front and 200/55-17 for the rear

In addition to the stunning looks and accessories above, MV Agusta has equipped the 300 Rush 1000s with a Race Kit Kit, including instrument cover, brake bow guard, and hump. The most surprising gain or loss was the SC Project Exhaust and Racing ECU, which gives the Rush 1000 maximum horsepower up to 212hp/ 13600RPM. That's pretty good if all the Rush 1000 units are standard, but it also makes the Rush 1000's domestic price start at 478,000 RMB

Specifications and parameters:

Engine: 998cc 4-cylinder 16-valve

Maximum power: 153KW (208HP) / 13000RPM

Maximum torque: 116.7nm /11000rpm

Dry weight: 186 kg

High: 845 mm

Tank capacity: 16L

The round headlights on Augusta never looked out of place; they were still fighting and muscular. This configuration, this horsepower, in the country can be regarded as Ducati Street Fighter V4, Kawasaki Z H2 on the same level, but the price of Augusta is too high, only suitable for appreciation, not suitable for playing