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Honda to build 750 engine small non - double?
Release date:2021.05.27

Honda's recent renewal of the TransAlp patent in the United States has led to speculation in the media that it is finally bringing a long-rumored mid-engine version of the TransAlp. Recently, Japanese media Young Machine created a CG rendering of the TransALP 750 based on the 2021 NC750X

The TransALP 750 looks very similar to the NC750X, but the lines on the side are slightly modified and different, and the rims are replaced with more off-road spoke wheels and a lower engine plate is added under the car

The TransALP XL600V is an off-road vehicle introduced by Honda in 1986. In 2000, the XL650V TransALP replaced the XL600V, upgraded from 2007 to the XL 700V, and finally discontinued production in 2012



Honda currently has a variety of ADVs in the middleweight market, such as the NC750X, X-ADV and so on, so many media have left questions as to whether a non-dual middleweight will be introduced, but Japanese media Young Machine took a look at the updated configuration of the 2021 NC750X for a clue

The suspension travel of the NC750X of the 2021 model is shortened from 137mm in the front and 150mm in the rear in 2019 to 120mm in the front and the rear. This means the NC750X suspension is more suitable for road riding than off-road non-paved surfaces, which seems to make room for the TransALP 750

The Honda TransALP 750 will most likely use the same frame as the NC750X, and the difference between the rims and the suspension will give the TransALP 750 a more off-road tone. The existing NC750X is likely to shift to the original NC750s, making the TransALP 750 more clearly positioned in the 750 family to compete in the same class as the Yamaha Tenere700 or KTM 890 ADV