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Beijing motorcycle show will be released which domestic, joint venture cars
Release date:2021.05.27

Chunfeng 800MT, 700CL-X SPORT, 1250TR-G

The new 799cc inline twin-cylinder water-cooled engine can output 95 horsepower (70 kilowatts), and the maximum torque can reach 77Nm. It is currently the first domestic production model with the maximum power. In addition, the largest displacement of domestic RV 1250TR-G attracts more attention

QJMotor 250, 350

Both the 250 and 350 of Qianjiang have been declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which will be released together this time. Before the race 600 was ridiculed by some of the shape design has been modified, can it become a domestic small displacement sports car market dark horse?

Secco RX6 dragon

RX6 previously only announced a price range of 48,800-53,800 yuan. It is equipped with a 650 engine jointly developed with Norton, with a maximum power of 52kW (70.7hp) /8500rpm and a maximum torque of 62Nm/7000rpm


Zongshen Apulia GPR250

The Aprilia GPR150, one of the most popular entry-level sports cars, has been plagued by a lack of engine capacity and price parity with the 250 class, resulting in embarrassing sales figures. Well, the GPR250 has finally arrived. The styling design is very similar to the 150, this will be the biggest advantage, whether you can dominate the 250 market depends on the pricing!

Boehner 1200 gt

Tall and powerful shape, as well as the three-cylinder liter displacement engine is undoubtedly the eye of this car, engine published data, displacement: 1209cc, compression ratio: 11.5:1, maximum power: 100kW / 9000RPM, maximum torque: 120N. M / 6500RPM, maximum speed: 230km/h

Motorcycle Molini X-Cape

There is a precedent for domestic brands acquiring foreign brands and prospering in China, such as Benali. So can China join hands with the century-old Italian manufacturer Moto Morini, these two unknown brands, will bring a surprise to Chinese car fans?


The retro FKM TT, like the 3GP, is powered by a 250cc single-cylinder water-cooled Chunfeng engine on the same platform. In addition to single rocker arm, inverted front fork, large size LCD meter, radial mounted four piston calipers, spoke rim, full car LED...... For now, these configurations are sure to derail a range of small displacement retro models in China