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30,000 yuan of "domestic Ducati", Moowo 500RR can fulfill your dream of a super car?
Release date:2021.05.20

30,000 yuan of "domestic Ducati", Moowo 500RR can fulfill your dream of a super car?

A few days ago, a new product release conference was held in Taizhou, Zhejiang with the theme of "Moving Forward with Heart" and "Making a Dream", and the price of the new product was announced on the spot: ¥37,900 yuan for "Xiao" 650LS and ¥29,900 to ¥34,800 for "Xiao" 500RR. This article is talking about MOHUANG 500RR, which car is almost a copy of Ducati will not be detailed, although it is imitation but MOHUANG 500RR material is very sincere, have a look together.

As we all know, the Moowo 500RR borrowed some of the design of the Ducati model, so it is naturally very aggressive in appearance. Although it is controversial, the design is really attractive and has a high head-turning rate when riding on the road.

The premium version and the track version all use the KE500 engine from Longxin, 471cc four-stroke water-cooled twin cylinders, the maximum power 35KW@8500rpm, the maximum torque.

Moowo 500RR body length, width and height dimensions are 2100/730/1160mm, the wheelbase is 1460mm, the minimum ground clearance is 150mm, the quality of the preparation reaches 198kg. The front and rear tires are 120/70ZR17m /C 58W and 190/50ZR17m /C 73W respectively.

Full LED light source is used in the whole vehicle, which is bright enough for daily use.

The fuel tank line is very full. The actual capacity of the fuel tank is 22L, which can meet the endurance of about 400.

Cushion is commonly used in imitation of the race before and after the split design, the cushion is soft.


Adopt the bottom exhaust design, compared to the side more design sense, this is also a return to the style of Ducati.

The head not only uses a split handlebar design, but also has an adjustable titanium ruler (direction damper).

The left and right handlebar keys are in conventional form, which is not consistent with Ducati. If the manufacturer opens the mold separately, the cost will be high, but the texture of the handlebar keys is smooth.

Before and after the disc brake, the first 320 mm double floating disc, collocation to the four piston callipers, after the 260 mm single plate, tie-in ChanXiangShuang piston callipers, standard ABS system, to the four piston calipers with double disc braking system before it is good, but there was no brand identity, only embossed on the calipers "owl pinyin, overall is quite good.

The front shock absorber adopts the positive vertical, the rear side shock absorber, the front and rear shock absorber have the preload and adjustable function, the official has not announced the specific size.

Moowo 500RR rear wheel with a single rocker arm configuration, for the love of a single rocker arm car friends and more than a new choice, for the remote control for the single rocker arm is really more attractive.

Aluminum alloy wheels are used in the front and rear, and the front 120/70-17 and the rear 190/50-17 are equipped with Sunchi road tires.

Generally speaking, Moowo 500RR comprehensive strength is still very strong, the appearance is deep Italian sports car essence, eye-dazzling enough, and the power system can withstand the test, coupled with the high cost performance advantage, the market competitiveness is still some.