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A 200 - horse triumphal supercharged Bobber!
Release date:2021.06.03

When it comes to retrofitting a car with great style, Triumph has a say. Bonneville's vintage cars are stylish, whether Cafe Racer or muscular Bobber. But who would associate a retro model like this with the word supercharged? UK-based Thornton Hundred studio added a supercharger to a Bobber to create a performance beast that can run 200 horses on wheels

Thornton Hundred originally wanted to build a show car that would represent their studio and be used at car shows and parties, but whatever the design, it seemed too ordinary. This was the idea of creating the most powerful Bobber ever!

In order to create the "world's strongest Bobber", Thornton Hundred made many modifications to the engine. Examples include the Rotrex C15 supercharger, a redesigned engine housing, forged pistons, custom camshafts, and an optimized gearbox. Of course, the key to improving horsepower output is the NOS injection system, which can produce a maximum horsepower of 165 horsepower without NOS, and an amazing 202 horsepower output from the rear wheels with NOS!


To match the power output, the Bobber has been replaced with wider tires to ensure that the retro style can be retained with increased horsepower. The main difficulty lies in ensuring the normal operation of the electric injection after the whole vehicle has been modified. At present, the BOBBER can be started easily through the electric power button of the original vehicle

In the future, Thornton Hundred will continue to retrofit the bike with features such as the all-vehicle Ohlins suspension and Brembo braking system to make riding safer

Cruising models are always focused on low twist, not pay attention to horsepower, after all, riding just that retro style. This brings 200 horsepower, mechanical increase and cruise car together, also can be considered to broaden a new way of thinking. But with more horsepower cars tied to electronic control systems, no traction control, no ride mode, pure power output can be dangerous!