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Is the R7 not competitive without the four-cylinder sound?
Release date:2021.06.03

Yamaha's just-released race copy, the YZF-R7, is the MT-07 with a faired, family-like look on the frame and an upgraded front suspension with a reverse fork. But since its launch, Yamaha fans around the world seem to have mixed feelings about the R7

The YZF-R7 is not the $30,000 OW02 that was built purely for racing, but a less pure "sports car" based on the MT-07 frame with an inverted fork and fairing

Expectations were probably too high for the R7, which didn't ship with a 100-horsepower four-cylinder engine, no front and rear Ohlins shock absorbers, and no full-car Brembo brakes,,,,,,

So what does R7 have? But it does look very attractive, with a 270-degree crankshaft and asymmetric ignition, and sound in a two-cylinder model. Riding posture According to the official comparison chart, the handlebars of R7 and R6 are very similar, so the riding triangle is very similar


The R7's main domestic rivals are the Kawasaki NINJA 650, Honda CBR650R and Apulia RS660

The NINJA 650 is a fraction of the R7's horsepower output, weight, configuration, and riding posture

CBR650R carries a four-cylinder sound super sweet, equipped with a good, but the weight up to 208kg, compared with the 188kg or so R7 is really heavy, and the power output and R7 is actually the same, the car weight problem is more obvious

The only real opponent is the RS660. It is appearance respect above all, RS660 created apriya brand - new design language, handsome and dye-in-dye-wood. The equipment is just as good, with a nearly 100-horse 659cc twin engine, adjustable suspension, front and rear Brembo, and an electronic control system that the YZF-R7 can't match

For an entry-level car, the RS660's configuration is far from high-end, while the R7's performance and equipment are not top-notch on paper, and even give people a feeling of condescendation to cost. However, the R7 provides a more direct power performance without electronic control. For those who want a multi-purpose car, this "no no no no" car has the characteristics of advance attack and retreat, which is more attractive than the high-performance but single-purpose drive-by car!

With brands like Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda, expectations are so high that it's hard not to be disappointed to see a car that's more commercial than technical