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The new Augusta Roadster F3 800 Rosso is released!
Release date:2021.06.10

MV Agusta, which typically launches new cars at the end of the year during international motor shows, has decided not to follow the usual mid-year rush to launch new cars, but this time it has updated its "entry-level" sports car with the launch of the new F3 800 Rosso

This time, MV Agusta has added Rosso model to the F3 800 series. In terms of equipment and performance, Rosso is relatively simple, but it does not mean that the F3 800 will be inferior in performance

Optimized engine output is 147ps/13000rpm, and maximum torque is 88Nm/10100rpm. The power output is still slightly lower than the 150ps of the old model, but the new engine is Euro-5 compliant. Optimized frame and rear rocker arm, it is to strengthen the body rigidity

On the electronics side, the new F3 800 Rosso comes with a 5.5-inch full-color TFT LCD meter that supports making and receiving calls, music, and navigation. It is expected that the full color TFT meter will be standard when the car is updated


Although positioned as an entry-level model, the electronic control equipment is not careless. With the help of the IMU inertial measurement unit (IMU), the curved ABS system also makes the F3 800 Rosso more comfortable and reliable while enjoying the ride. With cruise control and eject start added, and a redesigned clutch and software optimized to make the evacuation faster, it seems that the definition of "entry-level" is being rewritten

In terms of color scheme, if there is no accident, Rosso will use a single color scheme, with Agostini Red throughout the whole body, and dark black frame and copper exhaust pipe embellishments. The launch of Rosso is the first step towards the F3 800 update, with the more advanced F3 RR and F3 RC already gearing up to be unveiled in due course

It will be interesting to see how much more swanky and rich RR and RC the first edition of the F3 800 Rosso, priced at £14,780 locally in Europe, will be.