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What about the Honda CM300?
Release date:2021.06.10

Model overview

The Honda CM300 was released in September 2020, to moderate reviews, due to the appearance of the CM series of cruise cars, which was always debated, "Is this a streetcar or a cruise car?" Direct price release, people call "really sweet!" With more and more deliveries, I wonder if there are any CM300 owners who would like to talk about your cycling experience

Brake front and rear single disc, front day clear opposite four piston caliper, rear single piston caliper. Front shock absorber, stroke 120mm, rear double gun shock absorber preload adjustable, stroke 99mm

The original factory modifications include front windshield, front fork protective cover, seat, backrest, shelf and side bag, all modifications have been announced by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, is a legal modification



CM300:33000 yuan

Model parameters

Engine Type: Single cylinder water cooled DOHC 4 valves

Actual displacement: 286cc

Maximum power: 20.4KW/ 8000RPM

Maximum torque: 25.1nm /7500rpm

High: 690 mm

Fuel tank capacity: 11.4L

Ready mass: 170kg

My feedback


1, smooth shift, light clutch

2, fuel-efficient

3, the modification of the gameplay

4, value


1, after the shock absorber hard

2, mud

3. Long bus waiting time

Are you the owner of a Honda CM300?

Or have you ridden this bike before?

Welcome to share your cycling experience!