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How should cycling clothes be cleaned?
Release date:2021.06.17

Cycling knows that cycling jerseys if you don't wash, stink of sweat slowly, clean cycling jerseys is not a very complicated things, but need more attention on small details, details of processing can prevent his/her jersey for the residual sweat, incorrect cleaning could lead to a synthetic fiber damage, whether to how to correctly and effectively clean cycling jerseys? I'm going to share a few details with you.

Cycling clothes tend to be heavy and not as easy to clean as normal clothes.

Generally speaking, motorcycle friends are most often worn by the four seasons cycling clothes. Most of this kind of cycling clothes are made of Oxford fabric, which is about 300D-1680D cotton and polyester Oxford cloth.

At the high end are the most durable Cordura nylon fabrics. Cycling clothing is designed for multi-purpose cycling, usually with multiple pockets, detachable protective gear, and a detachable insulation and waterproof layer.


What should we pay attention to when cleaning cycling clothes?

1. Simple and clean

Like our usual short cycling, cycling clothes just some dust, you can use a wet cloth carefully wipe it again.

If the local area is dirty, you can use a soft brush to scrub gently.

Remember it is gently, because the cycling clothes have waterproof function. If the brush is too hard, it is easy to destroy the waterproof coating on the surface, which will affect the waterproof function in the later stage!

Do not remember to dry and iron after washing, this will also hurt the waterproof coating and reflective coating, the correct approach is to let him air dry.

Like most outdoor clothing, cycling clothes should not be washed very often.

2. Gently scrub

Wearing cycling clothes too many times, or just after a long bike ride, it's not enough to wipe the sour smell and dirty shiny clothes off with a wet towel. At this time, you need to take out the insulation layer, waterproof layer, take out protective gear, out of the pocket sundry and valuables. Throw your cycling clothes into a large basin or bathtub and gently scrub them with a brush dipped in warm water. Here to emphasize, can not be used directly with strong alkaline washing powder, easy to destroy waterproof and reflective material! Use detergent or detergent.

The protective gear can be cleaned with a damp cloth or a brush, then dried with a cloth or let dry naturally. Avoid exposure to the sun to affect its protective properties. Before washing, zip up the zipper and wrap the metal rings and other accessories with cloth in advance to avoid damaging the clothes. Similarly, after washing, air dry in a ventilated place. To avoid the sun exposure, and can not be artificial drying!

3. Machine wash

When your cycling clothes haven't been washed in years, the inner bladder is bleached with sweat stains, and the cuffs and collars are covered in starch, it's obviously too much to wash by hand. At this time, simply remove the guard plate and cotton gallbladder, the cycling clothes and cotton gallbladder thrown into the washing machine to stir it, of course, we try to adjust the washing machine to the gentle mode, although the clothes are dirty, so we can not waste things ah. After the washing machine is stirred, the local area must not be clean, then use a brush to scrub!

Remember, do not use the washing machine to dry, also do not make the brute force to wring dry by hand, this is simply in the destruction of cycling clothes, or the old way, let it dry naturally!

Cycling clothes are kept clean and clean to ensure the safety of every trip, while at the same time, making every trip enjoyable. Finally, I salute every rider who travels on the road. The dust is our glory.