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Ejection on crash, GTR Design Studio pushes motorcycle ejection seat
Release date:2021.06.17

▲ Italian studio Italdesign has released a new safety seat designed specifically for two-wheeled riders.

Italian design studio Italdesign, which once worked on the "golden Ares" Nissan GT-R50, seems to want to switch to personal safety products. For no other reason, this group of creative fanatics recently created a special "safety seat" for the second wheel rider. In addition to the exclusive seat belt on the top, at the same time, the sensor device hidden in the middle will decide whether to let the rider "eject" according to the impact degree, to reduce the possible accident injury.

But seriously, if one does not shoot well, the Knight does not know where he will shoot.

▲ The patent design of Italdesign's safety seat for knights has also been exposed for the first time. As mentioned earlier, Italian design studio Italdesign has created a set of safety seats for two-wheeled riders; This set of safety seat is a set of large backboard can be fixed on the motorcycle seat cushion as the main structure; The large backplane, which adopts the cladding design, just happens to be able to float on the rider's back completely. At the same time, it is equipped with the retractable safety belt on the left and right shoulders and the lower waist, so as to ensure that the rider's driving movement will not be affected under the fixed action to a certain extent.


According to Italdesign, when a crash occurs, sensors built into the seat can detect the force and direction of the impact and predict what to do next. In a frontal impact, the seat belt straps on itself to ensure that the rider does not fly forward due to inertia after impact. In case of side-impact or skidding, the seat is designed with a release device to allow the rider to separate from the motorcycle in a manner similar to "eject", so as to avoid subsequent injuries caused by being towed.

▲ At present, the safety seat for the rider is still in the stage of development. If you want to officially start mass production in the future, you may have to go through heavy tests.

Of course, the current design alone, this set of safety seat with a considerable degree of room for improvement; Foreign media have pointed out that if the seat is loose without the cushion of an auxiliary airbag, the rider is afraid of causing unpredictable second injuries; For this reason, Italdesign has promised to take input from the outside world and continue to adapt the concept in the hope of making it safer for two-wheeled riders.