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What are the motorcycle brake systems?
Release date:2021.06.17

As we all know, the importance of the brake is one of the most important AIDS to driving safety. The brake system is generally divided into disc brake and drum brake these two kinds of which is the best?

The disc brake system is composed of brake oil pump, brake steel throat, brake calipers, brake pads, brake pads, the principle of its action is to use brake oil to push the piston in the brake calipers, so that the brake pads and brake pads fit to form a brake, disc brake system braking effect is good and more effort saving.

Disc brake system on the brake pump:

Brake oil is stored in the upper pump of the brake. When the brake handle is pulled down, the upper pump pushes the oil pressure to the steel throat and to the piston of the brake caliper to make the piston operate. If the upper pump has insufficient thrust, the braking effect will be poor.

Disc brake system steel throat:

The steel throat is used to transfer the brake oil pushed down by the upper pump to the brake calipers. If the steel throat is not strong enough, it will bulge and even leak oil, seriously affecting the braking effect.

Disc brake system brake calipers:

There are many kinds of brake calipers based on the number of pistons, such as single piston calipers, double piston calipers, pair four calipers, etc. The more pistons there are, the stronger the driving force and the more sensitive the brake system will be. The brake calipers also need regular maintenance. The piston will absorb a large amount of dust produced by the brake skin, resulting in insensitivity of the piston. Regular cleaning and oiling can ensure the sensitivity of the piston.


Disk brake system brake pads:

Brake pads are also called brake pads. In the motorcycle brake system, the brake pad is the most critical safety parts, all the brake effect is good or bad brake pad plays a decisive role, so a good brake pad is the protector of people and cars. Brake pads can be visually observed the thickness of brake pads to determine whether the need to replace the brake pads.

Disc brake system brake disc:

The brake disc, simply put, is a round plate that turns as the car moves. Brake caliper clamps the brake disc and produces braking force. When braking, it clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop the car.

Drum brake

Drum brake has a good self-brake effect, because the brake to make the piece out, the wheel rotation with the extension of the brake drum distortion an Angle, the brake to make the piece out of the tension is greater, the situation is more obvious, therefore, generally large vehicles or the use of drum brake. Drum brake manufacturing technology level is low, but also the first used in the brake system, so the manufacturing cost is lower than the disc brake. The response of the brake system is slow, and the pedal path of the brake is not easy to control, which is not conducive to high frequency brake action. Complex structure and many parts, brake clearance must be adjusted, making maintenance difficult.

Disc brake heat dissipation is better than drum brake, in the continuous pedal brake will not cause brake recession and brake failure phenomenon. Compared with the drum brake, the disc brake is simple in construction and easy to maintain. Because there is no automatic tightening effect of drum brake, the brake force of disc brake is lower than drum brake. High wear of brake pads may lead to high frequency of replacement.