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From 107,600 yuan, CKD version KTM 790 ADV released!
Release date:2021.06.17

Today KTM officially announced the CKD version of KTM 790 Adventure priced 107,600 yuan, R version priced 119,800 yuan!

The KTM 790 ADV is a very competitive middleweight adventure vehicle designed to meet the requirements of pavement performance while considering off-road characteristics. With rich electronic control assistance and KTM's lightweight technology, will the CKD 790 ADV become the next hot model?

The KTM 790 ADV is powered by a 799cc inline twin-cylinder engine with a maximum horsepower of 95hp/8250rpm and peak torque of 87Nm/6500rpm. Equipped with sliding clutch, bi-directional electronic quick discharge is optional

Equipped with electric control system, including rain, streets and cross-country and pull four cycling model (R version of the standard and optional), there are 9 period of adjustable of MTC (motorcycle traction control), MTC by judging the tyres on the grip and the engine torque output size to control the engine throttle opening and closing, to enhance the power output controllability

At the same time, you can choose to turn off the MTC and enjoy the most immediate and aggressive dynamic performance. In addition, in pull mode, the "anti-warp head" function is turned off and allows the rear wheels to idle and skid for advanced off-road driving. At the same time, the two new cars also come with standard curve ABS and off-road ABS and can be turned off. KTM My Ride and optional cruise control


The 790 ADV uses the engine as part of the frame to support the load. Both the standard and R versions have a dry weight of 189Kg and a trim mass of 210kg

Suspension features a 43mm WP APEX inverted fork with a 175mm stroke and adjustable rear shock absorption preload. The R version is equipped with a 48mm WP XPLOR split fork with a 240mm front and rear stroke. Preload and damping of the fork are adjustable. Rear shock absorption is fully adjustable. Both versions use front-21 and rear-18 spoke hubs

The R version of CKD was also released, which improves on the KTM 790 ADV with enhanced hardware and Settings such as longer and more robust adjustable front shock absorption, pull riding mode, integrated seat cushion and seat height of 880mm with ground clearance of 263mm. Due to the 3C certification problem of the image brand tires in China, CKD tires cannot be used in the R version, so the CKD version uses more balanced Michelin tires on both road and off-road. If there are more in-depth off-road needs of the car owners, domestic can also buy the same size of the pull tire

In the 790 ADV general model, thanks to the optimization of the front damping travel, and equipped with adjustable split seat cushion, the seat height has 805mm and 825mm two Settings, the R version still retains the 880mm seat height, matching the all-in-one seat cushion is suitable for more advanced cross-country riding experience

From the recently released CKD version KTM 790 DUKE, to the introduction of its brother brand HUSQVARNA, and the release of the 790 AVD CKD version, we can see that KTM's global layout is paying more and more attention to the Chinese market. What surprises will KTM give us in the future?