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Serious "inside coil" motorcycle ring
Release date:2021.06.17

If, in the 80 s, the motorcycle is the consensus of the whole society, then 40 years later, the consensus of the motorcycle, only a handful of enthusiasts, although the enthusiasm in growth, but the consensus has is only a part of the consensus of people, a bystander to see this is unusual, and involved, motorcycle more like eat, sleep, play doug, It becomes the daily existence of a physiological need ~

Our way of travel is filled with two, four, and more wheels, and our attention is attracted by all kinds of strange and strange things. Everyone becomes more self-centered, and at the same time, everyone becomes more willing to contribute or make a voice for their hobbies!

Therefore, in such an era, people will become more extreme and radical, business will also become more enthusiastic and unscrupulous, more transparent competition, resulting in a lot of coiling phenomenon

Media within the volume, there is a small point of direction and to focus on, have a very low cost, so the motorcycle this circle, the media's explosive growth, from the media, web celebrity, KOl, video blogger, all kinds of talents is all the more opportunity in this day and age, but things always two sides to everything, homogeneity, vulgarization, even distorted value content, full circle, Some of them are just playing for money, some are just doing business, and some are just trying to cheat and cheat. The media has a big circle, but the market pie can't keep up with the growth of the media. All of them are alive, all of them are not doing well, all of them are talented people, but they can't give full play to their own value


Equipment within the volume, in the past, Chinese factories relying on low processing cost, undertake all over the world, especially Europe and the United States many motorcycle gear processing business, in the past two years due to the outbreak and the change of international situation, the southeast coastal area of the factory don't get under the condition of foreign orders, began targeting the domestic market, the capacity in domestic, the situation is, as long as your own design, Can sell goods, it is easy to find a factory on the Internet for you to produce any products you can see on the market already available, plate making fee may be able to save! This has led to a lot of similar products flooded the market, but also the constant price war, shopping scenes happen every day

At the same time, grown old a number of dealers, no longer satisfying products are limited by the upstream channel, hope can jump out to my cake, component with early earn bonuses, take brand agent from Europe and the United States, Japan, and looking forward to more successful at home, but so many brands to enter, the market will still be indigestion, brand within the volume more and more serious

Vehicle manufacturers, volume, volume within the vehicle manufacturer's has a long history, and even the same engine platform, the same type of car, there will be four to five brands are doing, that's more, with displacement of homebred, joint ventures, large trade, various models, various emissions you can literally listed so many models, all want to split a piece, but few make money, Price hit the market is a lot of, manufacturers inside the volume, matching factory also inside the volume, anyway is looking at the market is very hot, few make money

Cyclists also started to roll in, in the past? Even if "the world the friend is a" more is not recognized by people, but to ride a bike on the road, met a 1st say hello, stop talk about gossip all can still life, short video fire, after some big changes in jianghu, road cycling meet say "hello" fewer and fewer, quite a lot all kinds of jokes, live, I didn't see the novice's inheritance of the industry and the culture of the circle, but many of them held the keyboard, and then on each platform a pair of old drivers to lead you into the motorcycle world like big brother

The car-playing community, through models, equipment, and various imported "cultures", has divided the crowd into many small groups, each equipped with B, and then independent of each other, so the novice kids seem to have been taught that "cheap cars, small cars, are not fun".

What exactly is the value orientation and Gou Pi culture...

The term is new, but the phenomenon has always been around, and as the motorcycle scene grows faster and more vertical, people and businesses become more prone to it

The change of times is often not too polite and civilized, according to your comfortable way to transition, so understand, the inner roll is also a metamorphosis process, look forward to we have a better ride, have a better environment to ride, have more nice bike friends ride together!