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Motorcycle electronic clutch coming? ! Start flameout embarrassment to be ended!
Release date:2021.06.24

Shift off this kind of embarrassing things, believe that riders have had experience, with the development of science and technology compared with 20 years ago the locomotive, the apparent progress in science and technology, especially all kinds of electronic control system of the intervention let the vehicle riding feeling better, also increase many security, and the line is an integral part of containment door, There's a lot of technology around throttle response control, and now it's not just the right handle that's going to be electrically controlled, it's going to be the left clutch.

Honda has recently submitted a patent drawing and the electronic clutch is in development! Electronic throttles are standard for flagship models from major automakers. Using electronic sensors to simulate the throttle opening, and computer programming to calculate the engine power output mechanism, it is possible to write power curves to make a performance beast pass the increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Moreover, with IMU detection data, it can also monitor and adjust the power output when turning in real time, so as to protect the rider and obtain the best riding posture. As electronic throttle technology matured, however, Honda turned its attention to the clutch.


This time Honda's wire technology still retains the appearance and hydraulic system of the clutch, but it is not directly connected to the clutch. Instead, the computer reads the signal and makes the clutch engage or disengage through the different depth of the rider's press each time. The computer can also detect the throttle position, gear, speed, revs and shift lever information to make every shift flawless. On the other hand, in the stationary state of the vehicle, even if it is not in neutral or without pulling the clutch lever, the computer can also automatically open the clutch to avoid stalling the vehicle.

The emergence of electronic clutch system will lead to more practical science and technology, such as in some condition, the rider can complete the shift without manipulation of the clutch, shift or in combination with fast drainage system to create a more smooth and fast shift, at the same time combines the throttle, ignition, injection, traction, speed and other detailed information, let vehicles have more security and the performance of the performance-based, Even the catapult start is easy.

With the rise of electronic systems, more and more functions to be electronic, for the mechanical feelings of the aspirations, major manufacturers are also trying to achieve a balance between the new electronic control and the traditional mechanical control. In any case, it is believed that the electronic clutch system widely used, the start of the embarrassing story will become a legend.