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Sorching summer, crazy play motorcycle rider how ability person car not hurt!
Release date:2021.06.24

The weather has been hot these days. The temperature has been above 30 degrees in many places. It's been 35 degrees here. The handsome bikers were able to show off their beautiful bodies again, and the street was once again full of bare legs and bare backs.

People have felt the heat, those who mostly rely on wind cooling, a few rely on water cooling motorcycles, will also feel the same, they are afraid of heat, in the hot summer, how should the motorcycle maintenance? I offer a few suggestions for your reference.

First, the braking system should be reliable.

Reliable braking system is an important factor to protect yourself and your car. The main thing that affects braking is the tires and braking system.

Some car friends in the winter in order to save that point of oil, the tire pressure will hit more than the specified value, in order to reduce rolling resistance, in the summer, it should be appropriately reduced.


The proper tire pressure can make the motorcycle have the maximum traction, stability, driving comfort, and can prolong the life of the tire. Insufficient tire pressure will increase driving resistance, increase engine load, and will consume more fuel; Too high tire pressure reduces the stability of a motorcycle and increases the risk of sun exposure to a flat tire.

Now most of the motorcycle adopts the hydraulic brake system, high temperature is easy to make the brake fluid evaporation gas, the formation of gas resistance, brake pad is also easy to ablate, resulting in brake failure, should be timely check and adjust the brake system, add or replace the brake fluid, eliminate the air in the pipeline gas resistance, to ensure reliable braking performance.

The second is to change the oil in time.

The SAE value of the oil represents the viscosity of the oil. The high ambient temperature in summer reduces the viscosity of the oil and the corresponding thinning of the oil. If the oil fails to meet the specified viscosity requirements, the lubrication condition of the friction surface of the engine will deteriorate and the wear of the parts will be aggravated. In addition, the service life of the engine oil will be shortened under high temperature.

So we should pay attention to the quality of the oil, with reliable oil, pay attention to the height of the oil surface regularly through the oil observation window, from the oil port through the oil ruler to touch the oil viscosity by experience. Replace it if necessary according to the use time and use condition.

Third, pay attention to maintain momentum.

There are many unintentional habits that can reduce engine power and even damage the engine at high temperatures. The intake pipe road should be kept smooth, and the cleaning air filter should be checked frequently to reduce the intake resistance. This is one of the factors that some cars can't run, and it is also the easiest to solve.

To put an end to a long time in the throttle, low speed working state, which will make the engine heat poor, after all, most motorcycles still rely on air cooling. If the engine is overheated for a long time, it will lead to poor lubrication conditions and aggravated wear, which will affect the power and life of the engine.

Fourth, a complete set of protective equipment.

When it's hot, riders want to wear as little as possible so that they feel good and feel like the wind. If it is the urban commuting is just, the speed will not be too fast, gloves and helmet can make do to ensure safety, but if it is a motorcycle tour or outside the city road riding, Xiaobian suggests that the whole body protective gear is ready, after all, when the car is not intentional, once the lack of protection, bruises are not beautiful!