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The 150 displacement can also have a constant wing
Release date:2021.06.24

As MotoGP's aerodynamics kit war becomes more and more heated, the trend of small wings also gradually blows to the market models. Not only do many original cars carry aerodynamics kits to attract customers, but also many accessories manufacturers also aim at the business opportunities of small wings and launch many aerodynamics kits for different models. The Yamaha YZF-R15 is a popular product in India, where Autologue Design has launched a special aerodynamics kit

Yamaha YZF-R15 has always been a best-selling model in Asia. The excellent performance of 155cc VVA single-cylinder water-cooled engine and the family-style design similar to R1 make the R15 popular. Besides, the sporty appearance also makes the R15 have a wide variety of modified styles


For YZF-R15, Autologue Design from India has launched a small wing aerodyne kit with a very affordable price. The overall Design can be clearly derived from YZR-M1, the MotoGP car owned by Yamaha. The price is 1800 Indian rupees (about 152 yuan)

According to foreign media reports, the small wings of the Autologue Design aerodynamics kit does not seem to provide real downforce, that is, it is more than the actual use of the appearance of the thing, but the price of more than 100 yuan to make the car more handsome, it is worth it