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How about Benali Cub 500?
Release date:2021.06.24

Model overview

Benali's Cupsy 500 is to drive the development of the domestic vintage motorcycle, of course, to now the vintage has become a new trend in the motorcycle industry, then as the benchmark of domestic vintage, after a few years of market test Cupsy 500 what?

Brakes are equipped with two 320mm dual disc, radial 4-piston calipers, and a 260mm single disc, one-way 2-piston calipers. The setting of the inverted front fork is hard, and the damping knob of the rear damping is adjustable



500:38800 yuan for cubs

Baby lion 500 Trail: 43,800 yuan

500 Sport: 46800 yuan

Model parameters

Engine Type: Inline twin-cylinder water-cooled four-stroke

Actual displacement: 500cc

Maximum power: 35KW/ 8500RPM

Maximum torque: 46Nm/5000rpm

High: 785 mm

Tank capacity: 12.7L

Dry weight: 196 kg

My feedback


1. The sound is nice

2. Triangle riding is comfortable

3, good


1, the front, the chain abnormal sound

2. The display of oil quantity is inaccurate

3. Cushion is hard

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