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How to retrofit the obsolete Ranger system to a normal GY6 motorcycle?
Release date:2021.07.01

A set of Langie electric injection system sent by a friend in the same trade is said to be the original system of a domestic brand. There may be some malfunction at that time, so the system was removed when the carburetor was replaced, and the oxygen sensor and a wire harness plug were missing, as shown in the figure.


The system ECU is integrated on the throttle body, with built-in throttle position sensor (TPS), intake temperature sensor (THA), external sensor oxygen sensor and cylinder temperature sensor.

The ignition device is an external capacitor igniter and a high voltage ignition coil. The ECU panel features five indicator lights, a communication port, and an idle gas adjustment screw.

I was free two days ago, so I tried to refit this electric injection system to the GY6 engine, because the system was missing a wiring harness plug when the original car was removed, so I had to find another one. Looking at this plug, it seemed a little like the plug of a desktop computer, so I found a comparison, and it can be realized!

The igniter of the original system was gone and could not be found at that time, so we had to use GY6 direct current igniter instead. Since there is no oxygen sensor, we don't need it for the time being. Connect the wire, install the throttle body assembly, start the test run. Turn on the ignition switch, the oil pump starts to work, until the indicator light of the oil pump is off, and the initial oil pressure is completed.

Press the start switch, the engine started, a hot car began to accelerate, the problem comes, can not afford to add oil, throttle door has snapped the sound of tempering, thought may want to reset the TPS, so do the reset, check the charging voltage, check the spark plug, etc., the problem remains, do not match the igniter? Wrong ignition time? So use oscilloscope to collect trigger waveform and secondary ignition waveform to view.

From the waveform, the ignition time in the triggered negative half wave rising edge, obviously the ignition time delay, the normal fixed-angle igniter ignition time should be in the triggered positive half wave rising edge! Is the ignition time changed by the ECU? What if the igniter trigger signal is supplied directly from the trigger coil without the ECU? In parallel with the ECU trigger signal can be normal!

I'm not familiar with this type of system, but it's always a good idea to feel the stones. First according to the principle of the analysis of the line, clear their relationship, and then according to the function of the connection, then according to the operation of troubleshooting, this is a total refit process. Therefore, in the maintenance process, a clear idea and complete tools and equipment are essential.