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Ten models of large displacement motorcycles, let's have a look!
Release date:2021.07.01


Capacity: 1301 cc

Current domestic selling price: 198,000 yuan

The KTM 1290 Super Duke R, KTM's flagship vehicle with a V-1301cc twin-cylinder engine, is a complete performance monster.

MotorGooz California

Capacity: 1380 cc

Current domestic price: 268,000 yuan

The MotoGooz California uses MotoGooz's unique transverse V-type two-cylinder engine, a 90-degree Angle two-cylinder four-valve engine with a 1,380 cc capacity.


Kawasaki ZX - 14 r

Capacity: 1441 cc

Current domestic price: 237,000 yuan

The Kawasaki ZX-14R, once affectionately known as the "Six Eye-devil" by Chinese fans, was once the flagship model of the Kawasaki line. Powered by a 1,441 cc inline four-cylinder engine, the nearly 200 horsepower was once the highest in a production car.

BMW K1600 series

Capacity: 1649 cc

Current domestic price: from 345900 yuan

BMW's flagship station wagon series is equipped with an inline six cylinder engine with an exhaust capacity of 1649cc.

Triumphant Thunderbird Series

Capacity: 1699 cc

Current domestic price: none, not yet big trade introduction

The Thunderbird has a 1, 699cc water-cooled twin engine, but the Triumph isn't known for its performance, so the numbers aren't as impressive, with a 1, 699cc exhaust but a maximum of 94 horsepower.

Indian Chiefs Series

Capacity: 1811 cc

Current domestic selling price: 286,000 yuan

The Indian Chieftain was powered by a Thunder Stroke 111 engine from Polaris.

Honda gold wing

Capacity: 1832 cc

Current domestic selling price: 438,000 yuan

Honda's flagship station wagon, the famed Golden Wing is powered by a horizontal, opposed-six engine with 1,832 cc of exhaust and 126 horsepower.

Harley-Davidson 117 Series

Capacity: 1923 cc

How could Harley, with its big engines, not have one on the list? Some! The Milwaukee Series 8 engine is the flagship of Harley-Davidson's big engine.

Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

Capacity: 2053 cc

Kawasaki again. The Kawasaki Vulcan 2000, which has been discontinued since 2009 and has no chance to be introduced into China, is an unknown large displacement cruise car.

Triumph Rocket III R/GT

Capacity: 2458 cc

Current domestic price: none, not yet big trade introduction

The Triumph rocket series has been famous for its maximum surface displacement and maximum surface torque. The new Rocket III R/GT series has been officially unveiled, with a whopping 2458cc exhaust.

With 165 horsepower and 221Nm of torque, this three-cylinder engine is pretty violent.