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Racing with Honda, buy Kawasaki, Yamaha girl, drag racing to see why Suzuki was so called by car friends?
Release date:2021.07.01

There is a saying in the Momo circle that goes like this: "Racing Honda, buying Kawasaki, chasing Yamaha, racing Suzuki."

Familiar with motorcycle friends at a glance know, this paragraph describes the four major Japanese motorcycle family Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki. But as for why these four brands are so called by car friends, today to give you a little bit of a explanation, but also let like motorcycle culture of small white car friends for them to have a deeper understanding and knowledge.


Let's start with Suzuki Motorcycles, since Suzuki is known as racing Suzuki. To some extent, it shows Suzuki's pursuit of speed. As a manufacturer that began to produce motorcycles in 1952, Suzuki produced a 50cc two-cylinder motorcycle in 1967, which is known as the RK67. Although this car has a small displacement, it still reaches a top speed of 176km/h (Description: Even now many domestic 250cc motorcycle, is still difficult to reach this speed). This also shows that Suzuki for the power of the power of the ultimate squeeze strength.

And Suzuki car models are generally such a number of very strong car models, in addition to the above mentioned RK67; There's the RG500, which has a top speed of over 300km and is known as a flying coffin, and there's the Katana, a four-cylinder god car with a leaping light design. More known as the land aircraft falcon, as well as the king of speed early suzuki big R. If Suzuki has so many awesome models, why doesn't it sound great to everyone these days? In addition to publicity or publicity, now in the domestic hot joint venture Suzuki three brothers perennial top list also explains the strength of Suzuki to a certain extent.

Let's talk about Honda. The track is Honda. For a long time, motorcyclists' impression of the Honda was that it was not the best, not the most powerful, but the most durable. This creates a general impression of Honda Motor's power performance. In fact, Honda's models are quite explosive, such as the RC213V, a 90-degree V4 engine that has won six GP titles on MotoGP. Unfortunately, Honda rarely puts this type of engine on production models, leading to the impression that Honda's four-cylinders are all inline four-cylinders.

Other Honda racing cars include the entry-level CBR250RR, mid-displacement CBR500R and CBR600RR-R, as well as the public upgraded CBR1000RR. As the most familiar car in Honda racing, the 1000RR can reach up to 190 horsepower (European version). The Honda Blackbird CB1100XX was also the speed king of the year.

Take a look at Yamaha. Although Yamaha mentions its skills in appearance design, flagship big brother R1M, medium displacement small steel gun R6, charm charm magic weapon FZ07, torque master MT-10 and VMAX all have special skills. But in terms of the domestic market, Yamaha is the quintessential "honest man". Would rather not enter the domestic market do not do power castration, resulting in R3, R6 and other car models, although the voice is very high, but can not enter the domestic market.

Finally, let's look at Kawasaki. It's called Kawasaki. As a motorcycle maker with a military background in Japan, Kawasaki's most violent models are the H2R and the so-called ZX10RR, which are true linear accelerators. Kawasaki H2R is known for the powerful turbocharged engine, up to more than 200 horsepower, so that the performance of this car is out of the ordinary, this powerful instantaneous explosive force in a straight line is a unique. And in Kawasaki's design, a large number of straight lines are used to make the vehicle full of edges and corners very aggressive.

In the domestic market, Kawasaki's cars with the same price are better than Honda and Yamaha from Japan in terms of power performance. You can always see the image of Kawasaki in various motorcycle accident highlights, which is the main reason why netizens sent him the choice of Kawasaki. From the previous Ninja 250 to the current Ninja400, as an entry-level imitation car, it has long been hard to find a car. And other such as Z900, W800, H2, VERSYS series are also each has its own characteristics. Do you have the guts and skill to choose Kawasaki?

I don't agree politically, but Japanese motorcycles are the cutting edge of the industry. Which brand do you prefer?