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Riding GPR250R "Huo" track, more and more leisurely small sports car!
Release date:2021.07.01

In price the day before the official announcement on GPR250R aprilia arranged a track experience activities in xi 'an, xi 'an automotive career at the university of the circuit, combined with the end of June this weather, experience that is pretty powerful, in addition to bask in ~ 】 【 a 250 small sports car ride up in this track, basically can use to describe ~ "comfortable"

What about the GPR with 250 engines? We don't have to say much about the appearance should we have known more before, the family front face, so that the whole vehicle has the feeling of a big car, while the core of the wing beam frame and the rear rocker arm, in the shape and professionalism and the temperament of the grip of death

The title is use the word "Mr", because in this track, riding a car like this, really can let you have a release the feeling of passion, so riding in the first quarter, completely ignore this engine is single cylinder, is the new matching, ride is dry, 1-4 shift power is screw oil have feedback, engine speed increase is fast, The problem with fast lifting is that during riding, to achieve a good power output, you have to shift gears frequently. However, compared with the experience of 150, the shift of 250 has improved a lot


For this kind of single cylinder engine before everyone or suspicious, short test time feel is today, the whole set-up is very smooth, vigorously to oil and oil return to connect the driving force behind the entire car will not be too abrupt, clutch travel is moderate, the gear is clear, before the brake with moderate strength, vigorously in the circuit brake effect is in line with expectations

The bispar frame is very rigid, so the vehicle stability is good in various acceleration, braking, left and right roll over process, at the same time the lighter body also brings a lot of flexibility, for the track novice also has more confidence

Because the vehicle's setting belongs to the racecourse model, the original car in the case of not doing any modification of the dumping limit is higher, coupled with the more fighting posture, riding into the racecourse at the moment bent down, you can enjoy the kind of passion of blood

In terms of market positioning, GRP250 should be divided into two groups: beginners who focus on appearance level and temperament, and beginners who start off the track. Obviously, GPR still has enough advantages in these two aspects