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Are CVT gearboxes, why used in the car on the fuel saving, used in the motorcycle on the fuel, the key word
Release date:2021.07.06

Are CVT gearbox, why used in the car on the fuel saving, used in the motorcycle on the fuel, this is because the car's CVT stepless gearbox fuel saving, just exist in the theory, we want to say the real reason, then it still depends on the actual.

But when it comes to high-end models, then use CVT stepless transmission must still want some more fuel-efficient, this mainly with box with its manufacturing technology and engine matching degrees are has cannot leave the relationship, but today we mainly to discuss why is same with CVT CVT, and motorcycle more oil, But cars are more fuel-efficient? Let's see!


Actually caused the main reason for this to happen, or as a result of the motorcycle use CVT stepless transmission manufacturing technology is not so mature, its overall manufacturing technology with auto CVT stepless transmission still has a lot of the gap, especially the engine of motorcycle CVT, its power transmission, there are serious lag, and in this way, A lot of the engine power is wasted.

So, although the same CVT transmission is used, the manufacturing technology of the car is much more advanced than that of the motorcycle, and it is also relatively mature, so the difference is caused. In a nutshell, there are two words -- technology. As long as the manufacturing technology is good, motorcycle CVT CVT transmission can also be very fuel efficient.