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Haojue TR300 cruise, GW300 and other new cars into the road test stage!
Release date:2021.07.06

Recently, haojue has been photographed on the road for a number of models, including cruise car TR300, GW300 and so on. Haojue, who has been ridiculed as a "slow man", finally saw further action

There were four vehicles on the road test, one pedal and two cruisers, the last of which looked very similar to the GW250. Combined with some early network information, it can be generally judged that the scooter should be HaojUE's water-cooled 150, the cruise car is TR300, and the GW300 with upgraded displacement

In addition to price cuts, manufacturers are speeding up research and development in the face of Honda's CM300. Starz unveiled the S350, a cruise car, and Benz introduced a new model similar to the Jinjila. The TR300 appearance patent of haojue has long issued the announcement, then did not have the news. I hope not like the DR300, 18 years of expo debut, but wait year after year, to burn out the patience of fans


The TR300 is expected to bring the market price of small-displacement cruises down a bit. The entry-level 300cc engine, with the same configuration as the DR300, should make a splash

Although the appearance and configuration of GW250 as a national god car is a bit outdated, but the reliability of Suzuki has been well reflected in GW250, if it is really upgraded to GW300, as long as it can reduce weight, add these two points, and keep the price does not increase much, then it can still continue the myth of the early

We are looking forward to the haojue, but in the development of new models, neither fast nor slow pace, really let a person worry. Haojue or that Haojue, afraid of the river is no longer the river's lake