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Augusta unveils electric bikes! The vehicle has a range of 75km and weighs 15.5kg
Release date:2021.07.06

MV AGUSTA official said that for many consumers, high-performance locomotives as a tool is not practical, high efficiency, short walking in options, but planning to launch a series of electric two models in the future, is the eye to meet the demand of consumers in all mild commuter, let the consumer realize more environmental protection, modern and efficient means of transportation, You'll also be able to enjoy Augusta's consistent art class and carmaking techniques

Like motorcycles, electric two-wheelers come in many forms, and Augusta's first choice was a bicycle powered by an electric system that could normally be driven by human pedals. The AMO, which Augusta is calling the AMO, will first come in two models, the RR and RC


Both are equipped with auxiliary electric motors that can output 250W power, and the top speed can reach 25km/h when using pure electric energy driving mode. The 250Wh battery, made by Panasonic, offers a range of 75km on a single charge. Extras to power are equally sincere, with Pirelli tyres, a Magura disc brake system, and a transmission belt made by Gates Carbon Drive. The AMO weighs just 15.5kg

While the RR and RC are almost identical in specs, the biggest difference is in appearance: the AMO RR is available in yellow/black and red/black/white, while the limited edition AMO RC is available in red, black and white, reminiscent of the classic Augusta Reparto Corse painting

The two AMO models will follow Augusta's tradition of being designed and manufactured in Italy, again through manual assembly