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How about QJMotor 600?
Release date:2021.07.06

Model overview

But for many young drivers, a four-cylinder race is the ultimate demand. At the Chongqing Motorcycle Expo in 2020, Qianjiang's brand QJMotor officially launched the four-cylinder imitation racing model Sai 600. Race 600 is a new model of research and development, but its powertrain still uses the engine of Huanglong 600, but the manufacturer has been re-optimized for this model, into the sliding clutch and other configurations

In terms of configuration, in addition to the previously mentioned sliding clutch, it will be equipped with KYB shock absorption, Brembo braking system, imported brake disc, keyless start, aluminum magnesium alloy rear rocker arm, TFT LCD meter, etc



Standard version: 49,999 yuan

Supercar version: 50,999 yuan

Model parameters

Engine type: four cylinder 16 valve water cooled

Actual displacement: 600cc

Maximum power: 60KW/ 11000RPM

Maximum torque: 55Nm/8000rpm

High: 800 mm

Tank capacity: 16.4L

Dry weight: 215 kg

My feedback


1. The sound is nice

2. High configuration

3. Power smooth


1. High fuel consumption

2. It's too heavy

3, roast leg

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