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Motorcycles need maintenance, do not conform to the following six maintenance masters, to choose carefully!
Release date:2021.07.15

Impregnation motorcycle maintenance industry for many years, have seen a variety of maintenance masters, sometimes see some masters to judge the operation of failure, simple for him to worry, after all, in this industry, the master apprentice model into the occupation of the majority, without a system, professional training.

In fact, to measure whether a repairman is qualified, mainly to see whether it can accurately and quickly diagnose and troubleshoot. But how to achieve accurate, fast requirements? This problem is easier said than done, it needs a good thinking mind, and the accumulation of experience in the long-term maintenance process. Below, I will share some of the experience accumulated in my industry with you, and you can discuss it in the message to share your experience.

1. Repairmen must be familiar with the structure and working principle of each component. When a motorcycle failure, if you are more familiar with the structure of the model and the working principle of each part, according to the phenomenon of failure to analyze, diagnose the parts of the fault and the cause of the fault.

For example, the motorcycle driving is weak, causing this fault for many reasons, but nothing more than the circuit, oil, mechanical parts of three aspects. Then in accordance with the order from the outside to the inside, from simple to complex, step by step inspection and analysis, you can accurately and quickly find the cause of the fault.


2. Repairmen should have a strict and cautious attitude and a serious working style. When a faulty motorcycle needs to be repaired, if it is not clear where the fault is blindly disorderly dismantled, so that not only the old fault can not be found, but also increase the new fault, "the old did not go, the new again" situation.

Therefore, repairmen must make a detailed investigation and familiarity with the fault models in advance, and try to know well, so as to "apply the medicine to the case" and get twice the result with half the effort.

Repairmen must form the good habit of thinking and being good at analyzing problems. In this way, it will not be confused by the surface phenomenon, so as to really grasp the essence of the problem and find out the root cause of the failure.

For example, "motorcycles run for a period of time after driving weak, turn on the headlights after driving normal" this fault, according to the fault phenomenon careful analysis, the problem must be in the ignition system. But if only according to the "motorcycle run for a period of time after driving weak" this phenomenon is analyzed, it will be considered that the piston and cylinder clearance is too small, the piston caused by thermal expansion of the fault. This is far from the truth.

4. To distinguish between primary and secondary faults. Motorcycle breakdowns are all kinds of strange, the reasons are complicated, including natural failures, and some people for the fault. But in spite of this, the fault itself still has its own law and inner connection.

For example, a motorcycle failure, is often caused by several reasons, but the reasons have the main times, at this time, we as long as the primary and secondary clear, seize the main contradiction, follow the roots of the melon, find the cause of the failure can do "accurate", "fast".

5. The method is right and the steps are right. Correct maintenance methods and steps are also one of the means to save maintenance time and improve work efficiency. Another example, "the motorcycle run for a period of time after driving weak, turn on the headlights after driving normal" this fault, when the cause has been determined in the ignition system, can be checked according to the following steps; First change a spark plug to try, if the fault is not ruled out, then change an ignition coil to try, if the fault is ruled out, that ignition coil has a problem.

6. Complete special tools. "If a worker wants to do a good job, he must sharpen his tools first." After finding out the cause of the fault, it is necessary to have good special tools if you want to repair it properly. This is also to improve the speed of repair, repair quality to ensure the essential conditions.