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The hot summer is coming, the knights have what attention to go out!!
Release date:2021.07.15

Summer scorching like fire, but even no matter how high the temperature, also can not stop the enthusiasm of the knights travel! But riding in the hot sun brings with it many safety hazards. Bursted tire, spontaneous combustion, skidding, corrosion, poor heat dissipation and other problems are exposed. Safety awareness is essential in order for a knight to enjoy a wind-chasing summer.

I. Preparations before departure.

Carefully check your bike, especially your bike's tire pressure. In the summer after the sun exposure road temperature as high as 60 ~ 70℃, in such a high temperature road driving, tire temperature rises, the pressure in the tire rose sharply, the possibility of a tire explosion increases. Therefore, the air pressure of the tire before going out should not be charged too high to prevent the safety problems caused by the sudden explosion of the tire expansion.

Check the motorcycle brakes carefully. Motorcycle driving in the process of emergency when the front and rear wheel brake and use, in case of separate braking and braking caused by the wheel lock, or because of great inertia caused by the motorcycle rollover or forward rollover.

Two, moderate speed, reduce high speed driving.

Avoid engine running under high temperature and heavy load, causing engine overheating or even damage. If you need to drive a motorcycle for a long distance, you should stop after a certain distance to allow the engine to dissipate heat, so as not to damage the engine system in high temperatures.


Three, safety equipment is essential.

Wearing a helmet may feel sweltering, but the lack of seatbelts and outer frames on a motorbike means that, in the event of an accident, people will come into direct contact with the outside world. When rubbing the ground at high speed, the skin only takes a few seconds to completely peel off. A hit to the head is more directly fatal than a 50 percent chance of head injury in a motorcycle accident. So the helmet is absolutely not less, clothing gloves must also choose professional protective equipment.

Four, cheer up, control the right hand, refuse to fall asleep.

Get good and adequate sleep. This ensures plenty of energy and physical strength. Concentrate on the ride. In case of emergency unprepared, instantly lead to traffic accidents. If you feel unwell on the way, do not push, stop in time to find a cool place to rest, and properly replenish water. Wait until you're back to normal before continuing your ride.

In case of a thunderstorm, avoid marching in the rain by all means.

Thunderstorms are frequent in summer. If you encounter a thunderstorm on your way, you should immediately find a place to take shelter and avoid moving forward in the rain. Motorcycle stability is poor, Louie slippery, easy to fall when braking. Rain falls on the lens will block the line of sight, prone to accidents, even after the rain riding also need to pay special attention to the dry rain, leaves, gravel, potholes, zebra crossing may lead to tire skid.