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Dual cylinder water cooled 44 horsepower, Honda Gemini VB400
Release date:2021.07.15

Honda in the past two years in the introduction of domestic motorcycle models, it can be said that fast whip. Great to catch up with the same from Japan's Kawasaki posture, this is not last year after the introduction of the new CB series and CM, this year again appeared in the CB400 series; And some areas have already begun to deliver cars. As a small - and medium-displacement vehicle, many people would classify it as an entry-level car. But actually 400cc is not small for everyday cycling. Today, let's take a look at the characteristics of CB400 series cars.

Honda CB400 series has two models, namely CB400X and CB400F; The former is a travel model and the latter is a streetcar, both of which are smaller versions of Honda's existing 500cc cars. As for why 400cc should be introduced in addition to the existing 500cc, this is because Japan's small and medium displacement driving license covers 400cc, while 500cc requires an increase in the range of driving permits. The 400cc launch will help Honda capture a wider audience.

Power is matched by Honda's own 399cc twin-cylinder water-cooled engine, which has a 180-degree crank structure. A simple version of the 500cc engine, the overall performance is impressive, with 44.9 horsepower and 37 Nm of peak torque, matched by Honda's six-speed transmission. Suspension front conventional shock absorption, rear single shock absorption configuration, front and rear disc brake, standard ABS.


As an entry-level model, the CB400X retains the look and feel of the Honda CB500X, as well as the current popular ADV styling. Headlights are LED light, which is flattering and not as flashy as the 500X. The 400X has 17-inch front wheels instead of the 19-inch aluminum wheels on the 500X model. The appearance is the same as that of the 500X, with additional position lights on the sides to improve the fullness of the vehicle.

Long trip shock absorber and high ground clearance, as well as relatively high sitting height and handlebars, so that this car for ADV like cyclists, riding posture is very comfortable. But one thing to remember is that although it is an ADV design of the station wagon, but the overall performance, it is more inclined to road travel, like to use it to run bad road friends, or careful consideration. The vehicle uses a digital instrument panel, as well as adjustable windshield and dual flash switch; The 400X comes in standard and travel versions, with the latter coming standard with three cases.

The CB400F, on the other hand, has an angular body and split seats that make it sporty and aggressive with redesigned headlights. The intake pipe at the rear and the short fairing at the front are aerodynamically designed; Flat handlebars, full fuel tank and centralised feet allow you to ride with your legs clamped together and in a more aggressive stance. As a streetcar, the CB400F has a wheelbase of 1416mm and weighs 188kg naked.

The introduction of CB400X & CB400F, Honda's big killer with 400cc capacity, is a healthy competition for domestic motorcycles. When the price of Honda's model drops to less than 40,000 yuan, how can domestic motorcycles attract the attention of motorists?