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Why is your motorcycle getting more and more gas guzzler?
Release date:2021.07.22

Motorcycle displacement is small, relative to the car, fuel consumption is very low, of course, if you ride a large displacement, that is another matter, some large oil consumption is higher than a car, ride the car, don't care of gas, DianPenChe fuel consumption will be lower than that of the carburetor, additionally, blind fuel-efficient is unrealistic, and, after all, when the engine and control system design has been integrated into account, It can only be said that after you have been driving for a while, you suddenly find that your fuel consumption is higher, or more than 30% higher than that of the same model. Then you can look to the car for the reason.

Tire lower than standard tire pressure

When the tire pressure is too low, the contact area will increase, the load on the edge of the tire will increase and the shoulder will wear too fast. Not only will fuel consumption increase, but tyres will also be damaged. Check the tire pressure regularly. This is one of the most basic maintenance aspects of cycling!

High viscosity of oil


High viscosity of oil, will increase the resistance of the engine internal operation, oil flow speed is slower, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption. Choose the right viscosity oil, but also can effectively control the fuel consumption.

The air filter has not been replaced for a long time

If the air filter is not cleaned or replaced for a long time, it will seriously affect the intake of the engine, resulting in an increase in fuel consumption due to the insufficient mixture ratio of gasoline and air. Riders are advised to clean or replace the air filter on schedule.

The spark plug is not in good condition

The use of spark plug for a long time increases carbon accumulation, spark plug clearance also increases, can lead to poor ignition performance, engine power decline, increased fuel consumption.

Oxygen sensor failure

When the oxygen sensor fails, the mixture ratio of oil and gas will be affected, not only obviously cost oil, but also may appear in the driving exhaust color deepening, emissions substandard, carbon accumulation surge and other conditions.

Engine carbon deposit

Carbon deposition occurs naturally when a car is driven, and it's everywhere. The most fundamental solution is to regularly do a full range of engine carbon cleaning, but motorcycle engine carbon cleaning seems to have no professional place, even if there is this service, the price is very expensive. It is recommended to add genuine maintenance or cleaning fuel additives to the fuel tank of your car on a regular basis. Avoid long-term low-speed riding and occasionally drag at high speed, which can effectively reduce carbon deposition.