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Do you know all these motorcycle braking knowledge?
Release date:2021.07.22

Brake commonly known as brake, brake is not so simple. If you can't brake properly, the magic tension of the car can either help you change your hairstyle or... I don't need to say more. All in all, braking is a big deal! Today Xiaobian want to share with the riders is the motorcycle braking method!

Front and rear brakes brake

When a motorcycle needs to slow down at high speed, you need to return to the accelerator, operate the brake, grip the clutch handle, and then press the foot brake pedal and the disc brake at the same time. If you don't want your hair to be messy, please use the front and rear brakes at the same time to improve the braking efficiency.

Engine braking

Motorcycles suddenly slow down when moving fast, you need to quickly force the high gear into the low gear, the use of engine drag to reduce the speed. If you don't want to a free roller coaster, downhill when knights can use the engine of pulling resistance gentle slipped to the end, in addition to this, the engine braking only commonly in front and back brake failure, or in the mud, sand and gravel, snow and other pavement will be used, then the knights please don't be entangled with his own modelling, safety first!


Joint brake

Using both the brake and the engine at the same time not only improves braking efficiency, but also helps you maintain a steady, elegant posture and maintain your chivalrous demeanor when others are in a mess. Keep demeanor tutorials are as follows: first back to the throttle, operate the brake, and then hold the clutch handle, use the front and rear brake brake, and quickly change into low gear, so that the speed of the car to reduce or stop.

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)

ABS sends out the signal that the wheel will be locked through the sensor installed on the wheel, and the controller instructs the regulator to reduce the oil pressure of the wheel brake cylinder, reduce the braking torque, and then restore the original oil pressure, so that the wheel is always in the rotating state and has the maximum braking torque in the continuous cycle. Motorcycles without ABS, when the wheels are locked, the locked wheels will reduce the friction between the tires and the ground, which may lead to serious accidents. At present, only 16% of motorcycle models are equipped with ABS system.

Brake device maintenance and maintenance

If you want your brakes to work at critical times, riders should be gentle with your brakes! 1, check whether there is air in the brake rider, whether the brake fluid is leaking and whether the brake clamp is stained. 2. Go to the maintenance station regularly to check whether the position of front and rear brakes is standard. 3. Replace the brake fluid regularly.