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Motorcycle without idle speed, not add oil, through the appearance of the problem, so!
Release date:2021.07.22

There is an eagle 100, the car is not idling and can not fill up the gas, it is not clear when it appeared. All I know is that there is no oil cylinder. Change the cylinder and cylinder head, just found the problem.

Electric door lock is not, with short red and black two lines to replace, the balance frame welding and welding. Since there is a fault, then let's see what is the reason, continuous foot start three times, a little thinking and can not feel.

Close the choke, open the throttle, finally to the car, really is no idle, whether urgent refueling, or slow refueling, speed is not up, and the exhaust pipe can also see the spray fire.

The car seems to be not light disease! Check the spark plug, wet and black, typically with too much mixture. Hand measured a cylinder pressure, about 10 kg, cylinder pressure without doubt.


Replacing the spark plug, turning the fuel switch off, and letting a little fuel out of the float chamber did not relieve the symptoms.

Cleaning the carburetor and checking the main and auxiliary measuring holes, it was found that the atomizing holes of idle measuring holes had been deformed. But even if the deformation, idle speed is not good to understand, but can not afford to add oil and this relationship is not very big, should be a secondary impact.

Check the ignition system, first do jump fire test, at least the eyes can not see the phenomenon of broken fire. But the frequency of the jump fire feels wrong, and just replace a new igniter and you get the same result.

Remove the magneto side cover for inspection, suspected to be the influence of improper distribution. When rotating the flywheel, a large lateral movement of the crankshaft was observed, about 0.5 to 1mm. Open the valve rocker arm chamber cover and the small round cover of the timing observation hole to check the valve distribution part.

When the T word is aligned with the crankcase scale line, the dot on the timing tooth is aligned with the mark on the cylinder head. At this time, from the spark plug hole, the piston is located at TDC and the valve clearance is about 0.05 to 0.08mm.

Rotate the flywheel 360 degrees from this point, and the intake valve drops about 5-8mm, indicating that there is no big problem with the valve distribution.

Thought tossing and turning back to the ignition system! Frowning, when checking the circuit, I found that the trigger voltage is 0.6V high. Such a high trigger voltage as this single short boss has never been seen before.

Think of it as a failure point for the moment! The possibility of high trigger voltage is caused by small trigger gap, immediately check the trigger gap, found that at most can only use a 0.05mm feeler, barely fit in.

There must be something wrong with that trigger gap. Loosen the setting screw of the trigger and adjust the clearance to 0.5-0.8mm. Trigger voltage is 0.2V. Restart the vehicle, the failure performance is still.

After a meditation, tell yourself not to put the problem to think too complex, since this car has changed the cylinder piston ring and cylinder head, will the CAM not willing to change? Then take the small square cover on the head of the cylinder with suspicion, yi...... How w is the positioning plate of the one-way stop valve on the CAM?

This one-way stop valve is mainly used for pressure relief, is to rely on the engine every time flaming back to turn the exhaust valve to open a little, relieve the pressure in the cylinder, help to reduce the load of the starting machine the next initial start operation, extend beyond clutch and start motor life. At the same time, it can also prevent tempering. Once the positioning is gone, then with the operation of the CAM, the exhaust valve will leak irregularly, causing the above failure.

Check so far, the basic diagnosis of the fault, remove the timing teeth and found that the timing teeth of the gear also has serious wear.

But this is only a minor problem, the main problem is in the reverse valve. Repair reverse valve positioning, and replace the timing gear, start the vehicle, except the idle speed is not stable, acceleration is normal.

Because the carburetor's auxiliary hole is also worn, readjust the carburetor, there is still a slight change in idle speed, but not no idle speed or fuel flaming. Test a short way to verify troubleshooting.