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KTM sports car RC 8C released!
Release date:2021.07.22

KTM will officially unveil their new commercially available track car RC 8C on July 20 at around 10pm Beijing time. Designed jointly by KTM and Kramer, a track car manufacturer from Germany, the whole frame and suspension are handmade, with a dry weight of only 140kg and maximum horsepower of 128ps

Starting with the frame, the RC 8C's chrome and molybdenum steel tube frame has a new design that offers extreme rigidity, precise handling and extremely light weight. It also has the same design as some racing cars and can be adjusted geometrically

Triangle platform is manufactured by CNC, and there are 26/28mm two kinds of height can be adjusted, in providing lightweight, high stability at the same time, more can let the rider find the most suitable for their riding posture

The rear rocker arm is definitely one of the RC 8C's highlights: not only is it made of CNC, the lock points and guards made of aluminum absorb all kinds of shocks and lateral G-forces, but the shape of the rocker arm itself and the aerodynamic components underneath it bear a striking resemblance to the MotoGP factory race car RC16


The RC 8C also carries WP's own top-of-the-line track shock absorbers and is hand-assembled by a special division of WP's head office. The inverted fork WP XACT PRO 7543 not only uses lightweight aluminum material, but also has a step-less damping adjustment. The WP APEX PRO 7746 rear-mounted single-gun shock absorber is also fully adjustable for damping and preload. Let each rider find the most suitable setting for their own

The front brake features a dual disc configuration with Brembo's Stylema top-end, all-in-one, opposite four-piston radiation calipers with 290mm floating discs. The rear brake master pump and dual piston caliper are also made by Brembo, with titanium screws for the front and rear.

The front brake master pump uses the Brembo 19RCS CORSA CORTA, which adopts a lot of racing technology from MOTOGP, and also provides two different Settings, basic and sporty, to achieve different pressing feel. The RCS series exclusive RCS (Ratio Click System) System allows users to easily adjust the distance between the main pump fulcrum and the piston.

The front and rear of the RC 8C are made of 17 inch Dymag UP7X lightweight forging wheel frame. After reducing unspring weight and ensuring braking force, the most important thing is to ensure the grip of the tires. Therefore, KTM chose Pirelli Diablo Superbike racing bare head tires as the original tire fitting on the RC 8C: The front wheels are 120/70 R17 NHS SC1, the rear wheels are 180/60 R17 SBK SC1, and the rear wheels can be upgraded to 200/55 R17 if necessary

Power section RC 8 c carrying the same as the 890 DUKE R LC8c tied for two cylinder engine, but also made more improvement and strengthening, first USES aluminium alloy crankcase compression method, to ensure strength as much as possible under the premise of cutting thickness and weight, the piston has adopted a configuration of the third ring, piston connecting rod to manufacture copper at the same time, The top surface of the piston is coated with DLC, which not only further lighten the engine, but also provides a smoother power supply performance

KTM also worked hard on the intake and exhaust - the outside air is drawn in by a large air inlet in the center of the head, which is split into two streams. In order to ensure strong combustion efficiency, so the position of the intake box is in the middle of the rider's legs, the general gear car as the position of the fuel tank. The exhaust system was constructed by Akrapovi? Transition transition transition section with stainless steel and carbon fiber at the end

When it comes to electrical controls, the RC 8C's electronics are very different from the streetcar Duke's. The 5-inch AIM MSX 1.2Race TFT meter is equipped with a race-specific Mission Control system that not only records lap times and GPS data, but also records the performance of various components at any given time. The data will also be integrated by the system, allowing the rider to easily import it into the AIM Racestudio for analysis

The handlebars also feature race-racing bean-style switches that allow the rider to quickly switch fuel supply and limit speed when entering the Pit

Of course, as a track car, fast row and the rear of the rain lights are also indispensable. In response to rapid changes in the weather, the rain light itself can be turned on and off by pressing it like a button

The KTM RC 8C will be sold in a limited number of 100 units worldwide, with a price tag of £30,999

Specifications and configuration

Engine type: water cooled four stroke double cylinder

Discharge capacity: 889cc

Maximum horsepower: 128ps

Maximum torque: 101Nm

Tank capacity: 16L

Front brake system: Brembo integrated opposite four piston radiation caliper, 290mm dual disc configuration

Rear brake system: Brembo dual piston floating caliper, 230mm single disc configuration

Frame design: chrome molybdenum alloy steel tube frame

Front suspension system: WP XACT PRO 7543 inverted front fork, external tube 43mm, stroke 120mm

Rear Suspension System: WP APEX PRO 7746 Single gun rear shock absorber, stroke 120mm

High: 820 mm

Angle of Tuo: 66.7 degrees

Dry weight: 140 kg