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What about the Honda CM1100?
Release date:2021.07.22

Honda's CM1100 has a non-twin engine, which is smooth, quiet and easy to ride. However, the slightly conservative exterior design still lets many knights who love strong style quite a lot of criticism. Recently, French modification studio FCR Original showed two CM1100 modification works, let everyone see the modification potential of this car

First of all, the first model is a standard Bobber style modification work. At the first sight, you can immediately see that the FCR Original replaces the Rebel 1100 with wider retro tyres. Compared to the Original thin front and wide rear setting, this set of tires with equal width in front and back looks much more pleasing to the eye. In addition, the FCR Original also reduced the front suspension travel by 25mm, making the whole car look more sporty


FCR Original replaces a 3D-printed polyester carbon fiber tank with a science-fiction silver paint, with fluorescent light blue and black embellishment. FCR Original also replaced the rear hull with a shorter, more upturned version for a much Wilder look

The front still uses LED lights, but the direction lights have a smaller, minimalist design; In the end, Honda replaced its old, bulky exhaust pipes with shorter, more sporty tailpipes

FCR Original's second CM1100 takes a more performance sports approach, with 17-inch rims from the CB500F for improved handling, Ohlins' twin-gun shock absorbers for the rear suspension, and wider grips to make it easier for the rider to turn over corners

The rest of the body design bears many similarities to the first Bobber-style model. The fuel tank is also 3D printed with polyester carbon fiber, but the paint has been changed to a more hot red and black color, and the direction lights are also modified with a small and simple design

The exhaust pipe is changed into a slightly longer stainless steel tail section; FCR Original also used a lot of red embellishment in the painting choice, such as the wheel rim, the large lampshade, the front of the brake card and the rear shell are all painted with a touch of red, the whole car even looks a bit of Japanese animation appeared in the sci-fi motorcycle feeling

It can be found from a comprehensive view of the two modified Rebel 1100 works of FCR Original that, in fact, the FCR Original did not make much changes to the body of Rebel 1100, but mainly made simple modifications to the wheel rim, exhaust pipe, fuel tank and body coating, which created very perceptive visual changes