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Kawasaki's first class streetcar! 948CC four-cylinder water cooled, 200km full of oil, 110,000 expensive
Release date:2021.07.29

With the development of science and technology, the improvement of living standards, motorcycle manufacturing industry rapid development, motorcycle enterprises to seek to produce good cars and based on the market. The Kawasaki Z900 we are talking about today is kawasaki's first class streetcar! 948CC four-cylinder water-cooled, 200km full of oil, 110,000 expensive?

The Kawasaki Z900 is one of the most widely regarded motorcycles in the market. It has world-class handling experience, which greatly satisfies the requirements of the riders in the city. So, it was widely praised. With the continuous pursuit of new things, most people are eager to win more from the motorcycle, speed, steering, resistance to build, atmosphere, etc., if a motorcycle is not all-round development, it will eventually end in failure. Despite the world class handling experience on which it is based, what makes it different? Is its comprehensive price-performance ratio worth the price of 109000? Next, we will be on this Kawasaki "gold medal player" - Kawasaki Z900 for a full range of elaboration.

The kawasaki Z900's gorgeous appearance certainly keeps the public's eyes on it, and overall, it gives a sense of steadiness yet passion. The front face is simple and generous compared with other models with complex lines, and the side looks relatively slender, reflecting the sharp and dynamic of the vehicle. The three-dimensional sense of the whole tail is very strong, with the exhaust cylinder, showing strong athletic ability. The rear lights are unique, and the headlights do not fall. Equipped with full-size digital disc, the basic functions are complete, the recognition is very high, the design of the mirror and the combination of the hand, it looks brighter, the wheel shape tends to be resolute style, reflecting the car's calm and real.


In terms of power and control, The Kawasaki Z900 is equipped with a 948CC four-cylinder water-cooled engine, which relies on the electronic injection bright spot, and the speed is relatively stable and comfortable. The maximum torque is 95 nm, the maximum power is 86.3kW and the maximum horsepower is 112Ps. Kawasaki Z900 is also equipped with a six-gear chain transmission system, which provides excellent power continuity and explosive power. The engine and transmission system work well together after kawasaki has used exquisite optimization technology. As a result, the nozzle responds very well, and it feels natural and smooth when opening the throttle. Let the driver's confidence to obtain effective improvement, overall, power and control in the same class of models have strong characteristics.

The vehicle has the vehicle data of 2130x825x1080mm, the seat height is 800mm, the height is a little too high, it is difficult for a small person to find a suitable sitting position, 140mm off the ground height, the passage is the same class opponents are greedy, do not worry about the road conditions, the wheelbase reached the leading 1455mm, so that the longitudinal seat length is enough to use. When it comes to comfort, Kawasaki strives to make it as comfortable as a living room couch. The length and width of the seat are not small, the fit is good, the riding posture is comfortable, the front and rear suspension are configured with the world's first-class suspension, the vibration filter level is high, in the face of potholes, mud, sand and other non-pavement, can filter out most of the larger vibration.

In terms of fuel consumption, the actual measured average fuel consumption is 6.3L/ 100km under the scenario that block roads account for 70% and high-speed roads account for 30%. But with the road condition has a great relationship, urban fuel consumption reached 6.93L/100km, and the highway's actual fuel consumption is only 5.73L up and down. For a 210KG streetcar, the fuel economy, and the capacity to hold 17L of oil, the Kawasaki Z900's performance is truly remarkable.

The Handling of the Kawasaki Z900 is no ordinary one. The handlebars are nice and the steering is moderate. The accelerator and brake have a short adaptation period, and the response is linear, not abrupt nor slow. In short, the Kawasaki Z900 is a rare bike that can be used for family, travel and commuting.