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Yamaha Prince Cruiser, nitrogen adjustable rear reduction, seat height 690mm, V-shaped twin cylinder air cooled electric injection
Release date:2021.07.29

Prince cruise car in the domestic consumer market has a very high heat, has been the major brands strive to forge ahead in the direction, but also one of the deepest hearts of consumers to get one of the models. As the creator of classic models, Yamaha has always been an outstanding brand in the mind of domestic consumers. So today we will introduce a prince from Yamaha's cruise car - BOLT.

The appearance design is round and full

The Yamaha BOLT's exterior design combines Bobber style with American metal style, presenting a strong texture and sporty temperament. The body as far as the eye can see is smooth and delicate lines and smooth body, very attractive. The front uses the retro circular LED headlights, headlights added positioning lights. The honeycomb circular LED taillights are also very recognizable. The instrument panel is electroplated, the screen is negative, and there are compact indicator lights.


The height of the seat is 690mm

Yamaha BOLT has a body length, width and height of 2290*830*1120mm and a wheelbase of 1570mm. Seat height size of 690mm, affinity performance is very good, easy to feet on the ground. The minimum ground clearance is 130mm, which is slightly better than that of ordinary pedals, but for the sake of insurance, we should try to walk on the pavement. The reconditioning mass is 252kg, and the center of gravity is very stable. With a rear Angle of 29º, street turns are very convenient.

Front and rear disc brake with ABS, upright front fork + nitrogen adjustable rear shock absorption

The Yamaha BOLT has a 41mm upright front fork and conventional dual rear suspension. The braking system adopts front and rear 298mm disc disc, and auxiliary ABS anti-lock braking system. Specifications of wire spoke tire are first 100/90-19m /C 57H, rear 150/80B16m /C 71H. An updated BOLT R-Spec features die-cast aluminum alloy wheels and nitrogen adjustable rear shock absorption.

V-type twin cylinder air-cooled EFI engine

The Yamaha BOLT is powered at its core by a v-shaped two-cylinder engine with a 60º Angle and an actual displacement of 941CC. The maximum power is 40kW /5500 RPM, and the maximum torque is 80nm /3000 RPM. This is a typical low torque engine, output compliance and vibration suppression effect is very obvious. Equipped with a 13L fuel tank performance is not bad. Overall, this is a very good crown Prince cruise car, I do not know will be introduced.