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Xiaomi's Hydrogen powered motorcycle Segway APEXH2 breaks 100 in four seconds with a price of less than 70,000 yuan
Release date:2021.07.29

This year, there is a heavy news in the field of domestic car, Xiaomi company also wants to participate in the army of car, Lei Jun has officially determined the plan of xiaomi car in the Spring Festival release, 10 billion dollars can be said to be a big investment in 10 years, Xiaomi car, it is expected to wait until the real car market at least two years or so. But before you build a car, you can try to build a motorcycle.

Recently, no. 9 company of Xiaomi ecological chain showed a new motorcycle product, this car is named APEXH2, the name may make you think of Kawasaki, in fact, this motorcycle is not a traditional fuel products, but a very radical positioning of hydrogen electric hybrid motorcycle.

First look at the motorcycle appearance modelling style, science is the feeling of be vividly portrayed, car used laser lamps light source, enclosed hub is likely to be the hub motor technology, and the front and back are very obvious hot melt tires, this is beyond the ordinary highway positioning of the motorcycle, style, prefer to track the official call this style cyber punk. There's a huge paint scheme with the car's number on the side. The car doesn't have a fuel tank, but the area in front of the driver is still very high because the car has not only a battery pack, but also a hydrogen capsule.


The so-called hydrogen capsule is a customized hydrogen tank. The capacity of a single hydrogen tank is not large. This design is just like a traditional dry battery. When there is no energy, only need to change the air capsule to be able to full blood resurrection.

Details of the vehicle's configuration have yet to be released, but officials have announced that it will have a top speed of 150 km/h, 100 km/h in under four seconds, a maximum motor output of 60 kilowatts and a benchmark price of 70, 000 yuan. From the above key points can feel that this motorcycle still has a very high cost performance, than the same level of fuel motorcycle performance is stronger.

The new hydrogen energy motorcycle, which is ready to be put into production by No. 9 company, has begun to accept reservations, and is expected to achieve mass production through crowdfunding, which is also the business model commonly used by Xiaomi ecological chain enterprises. This motorcycle shows the design strength of Xiaomi's No. 9 company, and the company is exploring a new model of car building, which can serve as practical experience for Mi Auto.

For now, though, the car is in crowdfunded production, and deliveries will begin in 2023. As the first hydrogen-powered motorcycle in China, segway APEXH2 has good performance, price and appearance design, but can consumers who like motorcycles really accept an electric driving car without roaring sound? Honestly, it's a real question, what do you think of this car? Let us know in the comments!