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How do newbies choose their first motorcycle?
Release date:2021.07.29

Many novice motorcycle friends are very tangled when buying a car, what kind of car is suitable for yourself, then the next small series with you to have a good understanding.

Number one: how much money you have in your pocket

The first step in buying a car is to make sure you have a budget. When looking at a car, we must look within our budget. Otherwise, we will see a car, but the budget is not enough. Or impulse to buy, to the back of no money and loss point to sell, very pity. There is another way is to deal with installment or bank loan, this I do not recommend very much, but if the amount is really large, that also can't, see their ability.


Number two: Choose your car

This is also inevitable, first of all, we have to make it clear what kind of motorcycle we want, if you are just daily travel for walking, choose a streetcar, or pedal; If you like to take long motorcycle trips, choose a motorcycle station wagon or rally bike. If you like something radical, go for the imitation race. The driving experience of these models is different

Next, I will give an example of various models for my friends:

1. The pedal

2. A streetcar named

3. Pull the car

4. Car racing

5. Cruise prince car

6.Restoring ancient ways 

7. An suv

These are several main models for your reference.

The third point: displacement

Some partners always think of a start to large displacement, directly 600CC start. If you like, sufficient budget can also be, but must manage their right hand, xiaobian or novice start, start with small displacement, recommend 150cc - 400cc. Wait for the technology to practice, slowly in the larger displacement.

Fourth, cost performance ratio

After knowing what type of car we want to buy, we should choose the car with high cost performance in this type of car we want (especially rich big guy when I didn't say). As the name implies, performance and price. We comply with their own economic strength of choose and buy a car, you just earn the average wage, but want to buy a tens of hundreds of thousands of motorcycles, to tell you the truth, even if you can afford, and then also can not ride up, don't say gas, light is a service to thousands of tens of thousands of ordinary, along with a variety of maintenance costs, such as That's when your beloved motorcycle becomes a liability. Of course, you can not take your tens of thousands of motorcycles and others tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of motorcycles, after all, the price gap in that. So we can choose the car and the same or close to the price of other cars in comparison, in order to know the cost performance of the high and low, can choose a high performance motorcycle in their own price can afford!

Number five buying a Car

Whether we buy domestic or imported trade, we have to go to the formal store to buy.

Never buy a waterwheel!

Because there is no water wheel quality assurance, and some are trouble truck and car accident, and then through the waterwheel dealer change, renovation, paint again, what's wrong with the naked eye look not to come out, but after you ride, bend 3 days, 5 days big still, every day you not is on the way to a car in the garage, then these CheFanZi won't tube you. Also, do not believe the nonsense of these water truck dealers. What is the best car condition, the quality car condition, originally installed to every screw... Because there's no bad car in their mouth. And a lot of water trucks are smuggled, can not get a license plate, buy water trucks is illegal behavior, when the time comes again was caught by traffic police confiscated your car these money spent in vain, but also to bear criminal responsibility.

So ah, you do not buy water, buy a car must go to the formal store to buy, all aspects of the service is very comprehensive, what the car out of the fault is also guaranteed!