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Why do so many people love vintage motorcycles? What kind of people are vintage motorcycles suitable for?
Release date:2021.07.29

Retro things are all classics. In fact, no matter in what era, it is always the fashion that never falls behind. I don't know when the big motorcycle brands began to love retro motorcycles.

Currently sold in motorcycle, motorcycle restoring ancient ways the variety of domestic, joint venture or imported, style is very diverse, with the heat of the retro rise, choose vintage motorcycle friends more and more, why do they love motorcycle restoring ancient ways, restore ancient ways motorcycle is suitable for what kind of person?

Riding handsome not riding fast recreational riding crowd

Vintage motorcycles "are not good at performance", most of the characteristics of vintage motorcycles, compared with sports cars, street cars such as good at speed and explosive force, most vintage motorcycles are really not suitable for jumping straight line, bending and other operations. If you have a strong need for performance, like a catapult start, like speed, the vintage motorcycle is not for you, if you want to ride leisurely and leisurely, the vintage motorcycle should be perfect.

People who pursue individual appearance

There are many vintage bikes, some of which look old and classic. Some are modern sports retro with very few retro elements; There are also modern and retro neutral models and so on. There are a variety of appearances to choose from, and each style has its own unique characteristics, and even the same model can have a variety of different appearances. At the same time, because the retro models have great potential for modification, a little modification can get a fresh and fresh feeling, it is easy to become different, which also makes the purpose of personalized easier to achieve. Many people who pursue personalized appearance usually pay more attention to vintage motorcycles, which have achieved the purpose of showing their own personality.


People who are passionate about remodeling

Retrofitting is a major feature of vintage motorcycles. Although the domestic requirements for retrofitting are very strict, there are still many DIY enthusiasts who spend a lot of money to build their own personality models. There are also many models that are not intended for road riding, but more for art collection and a pleasant sense of achievement. Of course, you can also choose to light modification, within the scope of the law to operate, you can also get a good personalized effect. Start ability is bad also does not matter, some manufacturers will also launch the original factory modified parts, let refit become more easy and simple.

People who don't like to be tied down

I believe many people have deep experience, if you pay more attention to cycling equipment, wearing a professional equipment to go out cycling is a must. But ride a bike to go out, whether it is eating or shopping are very troublesome, take off no place to put more embarrassing, do not take off and will be surrounded by strange eyes. While vintage motorcycle is relatively comfortable, without so much heavy professional equipment, general casual clothes can be very compatible with vintage motorcycle, whether go out shopping to meet friends, or daily commute to work, vintage motorcycle is the most convenient choice.