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Motorcycle smuggle install hind tail box, after all can be deducted points fine?
Release date:2021.08.04

Once upon a time, motorcycle is a very important means of transportation in our life, can be seen on the street. Later, because of the problem of environmental pollution and traffic congestion, the traffic department issued a "ban on motorcycle", so soon the motorcycle gradually disappeared in our view. Nowadays, due to the increasing number of cars, resulting in more and more serious traffic problems, it is understood that some cities have begun to open the motorcycle stage.

There are many advantages of motorcycle, not only fast speed, but also low fuel consumption, the price is relatively cheap, the most important is that the volume of motorcycle is relatively small, or relatively light, many owners hope that in the future, all the cities can open the motorcycle, I don't know if you expect it? Today, we are going to talk about motorcycle modification. As we all know, the car can not be modified at will, if the motorcycle loaded tail box, will be deducted points after all? The answer given by the car inspector is unexpected!

Whether the bootleg is "illegal modification"

Does bootleg trunk belong to "illegal refit"? In view of this problem, I have consulted a friend of the traffic police, he said: if the side box and the tail box are tied on the motorcycle, this belongs to the use of motorcycle to carry goods, can not be counted as a modified behavior! But if you weld it on a motorcycle, that's not the case. It's a modification, and it's an illegal modification. Of course, some people say, when I bought the car I already had the box on it, does that count as a modification?


Of course not! When the car factory, all have done the inspection and record, the car is what kind of what kind, how can this be counted as a modification? About the problem of the trunk, if it is the car originally with the trunk, this is certainly no problem, if it is your own installation, it is certainly not! Of course, there is a very clever way, since it can not be welded on the car, we can choose the magnet type or quick disassembly box, so dismantled down convenient, the traffic police also can not say what!

My advice to you is, we should think before we buy a motorcycle, what is the purpose of the motorcycle? If you need to put a lot of goods, I still suggest that you choose a motorcycle with a trunk, so that the goods directly in the trunk, there will be no problem! If the trunk is not enough, we go to the magnet type and quick removal of the side box and the trunk. But I personally do not recommend the use of the later side box and tail box, if there is no other way, we will do it again!

Four measures to improve vehicle carrying capacity

Some people say that I need to take a lot of things to drive a motorcycle, especially some friends who like to use a motorcycle to drive, need to prepare a lot of dry food and water, but the motorcycle is different from the car, there can not be too much storage space, how on earth can improve the capacity of the motorcycle? The following four steps, you can easily solve the problem! First tip: Buy a motorcycle with a big trunk. When we buy a motorcycle, we can try to choose a car with a large trunk storage space, so that the natural loading capacity is strong!

The second trick: install oil tank bag. This situation is not always able to install, only in the case of someone on the back of the motorcycle, we can try to install the tank bag. You can choose the fast disassembly type of oil tank bag, or the magnet type, the magnet type needs to try, will not fall down when driving!

Third trick: install the backseat bag. The backseat bag is still very useful, can put some articles of daily use, or some small items, especially in a long journey when very practical! Recommended!

Fourth trick: Install side package. Side packs are also a good way to increase the loading capacity of the car! These are my four recommended ways to improve the loading capacity of the car, but my personal advice is that we should not carry too much stuff if it is not necessary. When the car is loaded with too much, it will not only increase the fuel consumption, but also greatly increase the safety risk! Therefore, it is not necessary, we try not to bring, after all, life safety is the most important!


My personal advice to everyone is to try not to put too much stuff on your motorcycle if you don't have to! The more things you put on a motorcycle, the more dangerous it will be! Before we buy a motorcycle, we need to know the needs of buying a motorcycle, is it necessary to put too many things, if you need to put things, we will buy a motorcycle containing the trunk, because the motorcycle containing the trunk of its carrying capacity will be stronger! Finally, I would like to mention a cliche with you, compared with the motorcycle car, or a certain risk, so we usually drive, must pay special attention to safety is always the most important, must be put in the first place.