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Will Honda CB500 series finally get a makeover?
Release date:2021.08.04

Honda's CB500 series, which includes the CBR500R, CB500F and CB500X, has been widely praised for its comfortable riding posture with an approachable two-cylinder engine. But aside from cosmetic changes, Honda hasn't seemed to put much effort into the CB500 over the years. However, foreign media have recently spotted Honda's proposed 2022 vehicle registration document in the EU, and some details suggest that the CB500 series is finally getting a makeover!

In the formal registration document of the European Union, the power part of the CB500 series is still equipped with 471CC parallel two-cylinder engine, with the maximum horsepower of 47HP. The reconditioning quality of the new CBR500R and CB500F is the same as the cash. The CB500X, however, weighs around 1.8kg and may have been replaced with a larger fuel tank to match the long-distance cycling positioning that ADV is likely to face more often

The size of the car has not changed much: the length and height of the CBR500R are the same as those of the cash, but the width has been slightly increased by about 0.5cm. The length and height of the CB500F and CB500X are the same, but the width has been increased by about 1cm and 0.5cm respectively


In addition to the minor changes mentioned above, the EU registration document states that the CB500 series brakes will be dual-disc instead of single-disc, but no further details are available, so whether the specifications and dimensions of the disc and caliper will be changed will have to wait for Honda to reveal. At the same time, the change to the dual disc configuration also means that fork and hub will also be changed, because the cash hub only one side of the disc lock point, and in the upgrade to the dual brake disc configuration, fork is bound to change the lock point, but also for greater braking force to enhance support performance. The rear suspension may also be adjusted as the front fork's support is upgraded

Whether Or not Honda will take advantage of the revamp to overhaul the entire car line is still unknown, as the exact source of information is only the EU registration document, so let's wait and see