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Rainy day cycling matters needing attention, these suggestions are very important!
Release date:2021.08.04

During this period of time, with the fireworks in the past, unexpectedly found that this week will continue to rain, so, for the riders, rainy day is a great test for us, especially some beginners, riding in rainy day experience is not enough, always prone to such and such problems! Today, xiaobian will share some notes about riding in the rain with you, so that you can improve the feeling of riding in the rain under the premise of safety.

1. Wear appropriate equipment

Before riding, be sure to familiarize yourself with the weather conditions in advance. A split raincoat must be prepared. Don't be superstitious about the rain protection function of cycling clothes, which is only temporary. Riding gloves inside the best to wear a pair of rubber gloves usually brush pot washing clothes, at least to ensure that the hands are dry!

Shoes, if there is a pair of water shoes that is excellent! If you wear shoe covers, frequent shifts can quickly wear holes in them, so water shoes are one of the must-haves for long distances!

2, maintain a smooth driving style

Rainy day when driving a motorcycle must not drive too fast, otherwise even if encounter any emergency brake brake instability, will be their own car with people slide to. In addition, the motorcycle's hair power is small, the center of gravity is not too stable, driving too fast when the feeling will be a little floating. We should avoid driving too fast in rainy days and try not to drive on uneven roads. Must maintain the "smooth" style, can not brake, can not bend, can not accelerate, can not quickly add or reduce gear!

So, riding in rainy days, we must pay attention to a smoothness, even when turning, but also learn to turn, rather than bending!


3, avoid water road

Rainy day has a great impact on the road surface. When riding in rainy day, we must avoid the water road surface and choose a higher road surface to drive. The speed must slow down.

4, ensure that the vision is broad

The worst thing about a rainy day is that your view is blocked, and if you have tinted helmet lenses, it's even worse! Originally the day is overcast, rain is drenching again, you still wear a black lens, that is not to oneself find uncomfortable? And when riding in rainy days, the helmet lens is easy to produce fog, cyclists just throw away the rain outside the lens, but also worry about the fog inside the lens! It is recommended that you leave a slight gap in your helmet when riding in rainy weather, or keep an anti-fogging lens sticker in your carry-on luggage!

5, avoid muddy road

In addition to driving a motorcycle too fast on rainy days, it is also best not to go to those muddy roads. Motorcycle wheels are not as wide as car wheels, and the gear tracks are not as deep as car tires, so they are easier to sink into puddles. It's easy to get in, but it's not so easy to get out. Off-road motorcycles are excluded.

Riding on rainy days is not impossible, but to use the right way! If everything is ready, riding on a rainy day can be a lot of fun!