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Suzuki V-Two-cylinder Sports Car SV650RR Exposure... Will Suzuki launch the SV650RR?
Release date:2021.08.04

Suzuki's SV650 in my mind has been a very worth buying middleweight streetcar, of course, low appearance level, low configuration SV650 has been unavoidable point, but as a driver of the car, such a setting seems to cater to the appetite of die-hard fans.

In the past, Suzuki has introduced models like the SV650S, a sporty version with separate handlebars and a small fairing, and the SV650X.

Beyond that, Suzuki has no plans to change the SV650.

In recent years, Apulia and Yamaha respectively introduced the RS660 and R7, which are upgraded in the suspension and braking, and are middle weight models that are between streetcar and thoroughbred racers, causing high popularity in the market. Perhaps many fans would like to ask Suzuki whether the SV650 will also be rebranded with a sports car version?

The overseas media made a reverie of the SV650RR on this issue, let's take a look.


The SV650RR inherits more from MotoGP's factory gsX-RR than from the flagship GSX-R1000R, especially with its flat seats and sharp, clean lines. Gold upside down front fork, huge front brake disc. Both give the SV650RR a passionate vibe, and the reverie feels more like a new age motorcycle than the original retro, old-school design.


Although the suzuki brand in the field of 300 cc - 700 cc duplex never follow other brand's point of view, introduced a design more modern streetcar, but environmental regulations more and more severe today, relative economic two-cylinder model may be many consumers track car preferred, in such a background, perhaps suzuki will start, After all, for oems, the way to survive is to go with the flow and launch hot models.