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Pedal motorcycle run not easy to stall, there may be cracking here!
Release date:2021.08.04

The acceleration is weak, the running is not strong, the throttle to the bottom can run 50 kilometers or so. Can not run up certainly can not be an isolated fault ah, there will be other performance, is the car running, a loose throttle to stall, stall again after the fire, there will be idle instability, more than ten seconds later and stalled.

This appears to be a comprehensive failure, as there is no obvious feature pointing to any assembly component. Can't run, first look at the air filter, this is all old experience. The customer is a scooter, which has fast air filtration and poor engine working conditions. Is the air filter blocked, resulting in insufficient air intake to run?

Remove the air filter inspection, found that it is really dirty, so it can be seen how poor the maintenance consciousness of the owner, only know to change the oil, but ignore the air filter at the same time, because he only heard that the oil is not changed regularly will destroy the car, but do not know the scooter air filter maintenance cycle is much shorter than the cross-riding motorcycle maintenance cycle.

Because there is no matching air filter, we can only clean it first, and then install the new air filter after the arrival of the accessory supplier.

The air filter is reset after cleaning, and the ignition is started. It is the same as before, and the engine is not operating normally. Is the carburetor gauge hole blocked?


Find the carburetor a look, also very dirty, it seems that the owner of the usual commute environment is not very good, more sand and dust.

Remove the carburetor, clean the main volume hole, idle speed volume hole and other main channels with detergent, to ensure that the channels are smooth. In the process of cleaning, I was wondering whether there would be other reasons for this fault.

Suddenly, is it possible that the vacuum membrane is the problem? Anyway, they are removed, also not bad to remove two screws, so the carburetor is fully decomposed.

After the opening, my judgment was proved to be right. The vacuum film fold opened about one centimeter of the hole!

This thing leaks when it's open. Can it accelerate vigorously? We have not sold a single vacuum film here. We can only explain the situation to the customer and replace the carburetor with the same model. After loading the second test car, the motorcycle power returned to the original, the customer was very satisfied, so the fault was removed