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Motorcycle screen too small to see?
Release date:2021.08.12

With the development of technology, more and more motorcycle brands begin to develop electronic control systems that can make riding safer. Such as automotive ADAS assistance systems, and ACC adaptive cruise systems. Yamaha recently filed an interesting patent for the ability to integrate information from a portion of the screen during a ride into the rearview mirror

Although there are still a small number of people like mechanical sense meters, but in this era, not equipped with TFT LCD meters, the car will be absolutely mocked. As TFT meters have become more popular, a new problem has arisen: they display too much information and can only be narrowed down, so you may not notice trouble codes that pop up when you're riding


Yamaha has addressed this issue by incorporating blind spot detection warnings into the rearview mirror, allowing riders to receive the information without being distracted. In total, there are seven kinds of ICONS in the patent: front vehicle collision, emergency vehicle approach, call, warning sign, blind spot detection, speed limit alert and overspeed alert. Only important safety information is displayed on the rearview mirror. Other speed, speed, fuel amount and mileage are still displayed by TFT instrument

Yamaha demonstrated this with the R1 and TMAX, but the TMAX moved the warning symbol to the windshield, similar to the concept of a HUD head-up display